ABC Soaps Battle for Top Daytime Emmy Prize

"General Hospital" and "One Life to Live" are both nominated for an Emmy for Best Drama Series.
5:05 | 05/01/13

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Transcript for ABC Soaps Battle for Top Daytime Emmy Prize
Test Text1 ita Oh, my goodness. It's that time of year when fans of daytime television wait with bated breath to find out who is taking home that right there. The emmy. And this morning we have for you the nominees so without further ado kick off the first category, sam champion. I always wanteddo this. I really have. Sam. Stand. Oh, gosh. Thank you, robin. The category is outstanding drama series, in other words, the soaps, I've got the envelope right here and, folks, we have them in alphabetical order, "th bold and the beautiful," cbs, "days of our lives," nbc, please, please, ladies and gentlemen, hold applause until all the categories have been read. "General hospital," abc, "one life to live," abc, "the young and the restless," cbs, now, ladies and gentlemen, your applause. you know, robin, this is the first year that all five soaps have been nominated because of their initial scores they were just so close, this is the tightest race ever for an emmy statue. You're enjoying this. Going south quick. Stay standing. Go with lead actress. I'm not following that. No, go ahead. Go ahead. Do it. Thank you, josh. Now we know cuss on the stars, actors and actresses. Are you ready. Nominated for lead actress in a drama series. Susan flannery of the "the bold and the beautiful," please hold your applause, lara. Bad girl. peggy McCay from "days of our lives," michelle stafford in "the young and the restless" and last but not least, heather tom of the "the bold and the beautiful." Good luck, ladies. And now for the men of daytime tv. Yeah, there you go. No. Really, again? No way I'm following that. Do it with your game show face. The nominees for outstanding lead actor in a drama that series are peter bergman as jack abbott of the "the young and the restless," cbs. Doug davidson, paul williams of the "the young and the restless." Michael muhney of "the young and the restless." Jason thompson as patrick drake, "general hospital." Oh. No, no, no. Come on. Keep going, keep going. All: Sam, sam, sam, sam, sam, sam. Doing the wohl awards show. But you know I'm free for the whole awards show. We've got one more soap category to share. It's outstanding supportin actress in a drama series. Here we go. Julie marie berman from "general hospital," melissa claire egan from "the young and the restless," jessica collins from the "the young and the restless," katherine kelly lang of the "the bold and the beautiful" and arianne sucker of "days of our lives." She's been a long time -- first nomination. This is a big one. This is a big one. Sam, sam, sam, sam, sam, sam, sam, sam. Thank you, robin. Now near and dear to our hearts. What? Our hearts. Our hearts which are similarly close to our hearts, left of the ventricle. Reveal nominees for outstanding morning program. Could we have a drum roll, please. our friends at cbs sunday g, "good morning america." And the idea today" show. Good luck to all of the competitors and let's not forget our buddies in the talk show world, george. You're really going to make me do this. No. No, george, come on. All: Sam, sam, sam, sam, sam. Sam, sam. Oh! But thank you, george. We have two categories, first outstanding talk show in entertainment and the nominees ARE "THE ellen DeGeneres show, "live with kelly and michael," "the talk" and "the view." Outstanding talk show the nominees are -- ? Wait. That was for that one. Oh. Yay! Oh, wait and for outstanding talk show, the nominees are "the doctors," "the dr. Oz show" and "katie." All right. Now you go. Finally bring it on h bring it on home. I know you don't want to but -- last one. Very tiring. Thank you, lara. Now we have the nominees for

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{"id":19082628,"title":"ABC Soaps Battle for Top Daytime Emmy Prize","duration":"5:05","description":"\"General Hospital\" and \"One Life to Live\" are both nominated for an Emmy for Best Drama Series.","url":"/GMA/video/daytime-emmy-award-nominations-2013-life-live-general-19082628","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}