Deadly Tornado Strikes a Virginia Campsite

The storm ripped through the popular vacation spot, killing two who took refuge in their tent.
2:10 | 07/25/14

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Transcript for Deadly Tornado Strikes a Virginia Campsite
We begin with the deadly tornado that struck a Virginia campground. The new video coming in this morning showing the total destruction, debris thrown around the site and ABC's bazi kanani is on the Chesapeake bay for us this morning. Good morning, bazi. Reporter: Good morning, robin. From here in Chesapeake bay you can see where the tornado first went ashore, straight into the campground, snapping trees, tossing rvs, ripping apart this popular summer vacation spot. It hit the tree. It fell on that guy's camper. Reporter: Swift and destructive. This is the moment a tornado hit Virginia's cherry stone campground Thursday. . Hundreds of families with barely enough time to take cover, ducking into rvs, cars or tents. And something crazy is going on outside. We just got hit with everything. The hail, broke out the windows. And we looked over and the camper just blew right overtop of the truck. Reporter: In the end, more than three dozen injured. Copy, command. We have mass casualty response. Reporter: And one couple dead. A crashing tree killed Lola Beth Ortega and their 13-year-old son in the tent right next to them was critically injured. They were great parents. They bend over backwards to spend time with their kids. Reporter: In this footage you can see rvs turned on their sides. Boats tossed onto the docks and trees ripped in half. Heartache and disbelief as campers returned to the rubble. It's like a war zone. I do not know how you don't have more deaths. I really don't or more injuries. Reporter: Realizing just how close they came to one of nature's most powerful forces. My son would have been right there, my baby, my 8-year-old. Just incredible for those families. Bazi, thank you. To that other breaking story, the plane crash in Africa. The wreck has now been found by a drone. The military now securing the scene right now and already has one of the black boxes this

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{"id":24708583,"title":"Deadly Tornado Strikes a Virginia Campsite","duration":"2:10","description":"The storm ripped through the popular vacation spot, killing two who took refuge in their tent.","url":"/GMA/video/deadly-tornado-strikes-virginia-campsite-24708583","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}