Deals and Steals: $10 or Less

Tory Johnson has amazing bargains on popular children's items.
3:09 | 07/31/14

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Transcript for Deals and Steals: $10 or Less
Now to Tory Johnson here with "Deals & steals" with prices so low, you can believe -- can you believe, $10 or less. Remember to get right to our website on Yahoo! For the information you need to get these bargains which are sure to fly fast so let's get started. Let's go. Let's go. Here we go. First item, what do we got. This is from tattly, temporary tattoos created by a Brooklyn mom because she wanted something safe, fun, nontoxic for her girls so they are fun. Get a little ice cream cone and all kinds -- Feathers and diamonds. All over the country but only here will you get them today for an amazing deal. Regularly starting at just $5 -- Depending on the sets you choose slashed this half so starting at 250 for a pack of tattoo fun plus free shipping from tattly. I'll take the carrot for later. There you go. What do we got next? Dag. These are fun. Six different styles of toothbreuers when you push the button they play a little song. They play a little song for two minutes which is the American dental association recommended brushing time so lots of fun for kids to get them brushing. Normally $8, slashed in half, 4 bucks. You are just -- personally I don't think these are just for kids. I want one. The music -- my kind of tunes. What we got next? Something fun too I think you'd love for your girls. These earrings, sterling earrings, you get a pair and a spare so when your girl loses one, mom's got another one put away in the drawer. Tons of different styles to choose from both pierced and clip-ons starting at $39 slashed by 75%, 10 bucks for your pair and a spare. Oh, my goodness. Being the father I might lose the spare. All right. Here we go. What do we got next? A little melt your heart moment. Look at your two little babies. Daddy's girls. From personal creations. Three different options of coin purses or cosmetics cases to choose from, either upload a photo and get it like that or you can use the waffle weave or quilted for an initial monogram. Lots of fun. Normally $15, 15 to 20, slashed in half, 7.50. I'm keeping the one with you and I. I'm keeping this one. Oh, yeah. I'll keep my change in it. All right. Last but not least. From the chocolate company, these are chocolate covered potato chips. Belgium milk chocolate covered potato chips really great for -- Why you do this to me. First this ink in the morning. Taste them. I think you'll like them. 12 ounce bag in a gift box shipped with ice bucks slashed in half, $10. $10. Aren't they good? You know what, I'm still chewing so they're good. They're good. I'm going to save these. I'm going to share these with the desk and Dan looks very hungry. There you go. Put these in your change box. You're good to go, man. Put them in my change bag. Yeah, I can only fit half a chip. You see this body. It takes a lot more. Get links for all these deals and one exclusive extra you'll only find on our website. It's all on on Yahoo! And coming up -- you can spend

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{"id":24786424,"title":"Deals and Steals: $10 or Less","duration":"3:09","description":"Tory Johnson has amazing bargains on popular children's items.","url":"/GMA/video/deals-steals-10-24786424","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}