Deals and Steals for Your Super Bowl Party

Tory Johnson shares the top bargains for a winning Super Bowl Party.
3:09 | 01/22/15

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Transcript for Deals and Steals for Your Super Bowl Party
We're back with Tory Johnson and "Deals & steals." Super bowl Sunday, Tory's just 11 days away. And I know some of you out there are prepping for the big game parties for these great deals, be sure to go to on Yahoo! For the information you need to get the bargains. Tory, what do we have. Ready. First up we have a whole new display so you're ready to do spinning act. Yes. Okay, go ahead. Gently spin it, there you go. Whoa. So from thermacell. Work outdoors and do it in this freezing cold climate heated insoles that go right into your shoes then there's a remote control that you use to adjust the heat. Pretty cool, adult sizes, small to xxl, they've been featured in Oprah, "Men's health." Normally $135 slashed by 52%. $65. You know, I needed those when I played. We played in Green Bay. We had nothing like that. Technology. Okay, so these are personal creations. Personalized mugs. I happen to be a fan of George's man cave right here. But we got something for everybody. No matter what it is that you're interested in or whatever your guy or girl -- these are men's names and women's names, you get to choose, ginger, robin, everybody covered big assortment of sizes and style, normally 20 to $30 all slashed in half, 10, 15 bucks today. A great deal. That's a really good deal. Okay, so bring some sweets to the big game. Right. I'm not complaining. Sherry's berries, nothing deflated about these, my friend. These are delicious hand dipped strawberry, how good do they look? The crew is like hurry up and get through these so we can eat these. Normally $45 also slashed in half, 22.50. Love those. Delicious. And then so now we're bringing in the big guns. And I think robin was expecting to come into this one, as well. Come on in here, robin. She's not waiting on the sidelines for nothing. So this is the ability to bring gourmet to your game from the company called the perfect bite. They make all of the appetizers for companies like neiman-marcus, williams-sonoma. All top end. Isn't it good? The cool thing, you get 60 pieces, so whether you get the gorgonzola mini burgers, hot dogs, or the apple with bacon and cheddar or Buffalo spring rolls, big assortment. The others you'll find, 60 pieces, Normal ly 45 -- yep, come on in here. Slashed by 50% to 60%, so you'll get 60 pieces starting at 22.50. I like how you tried -- We tried. I know, Karen, you know, hooks us up with these. Amazing, delicious, right? I love it. Mm-mm. I took a bite at the wrong time. That's all right. We got you covered. You can get the links and codes for these deals at on Yahoo! She got both. Amy, you enjoy these.

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{"duration":"3:09","description":"Tory Johnson shares the top bargains for a winning Super Bowl Party.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"28398309","title":"Deals and Steals for Your Super Bowl Party","url":"/GMA/video/deals-steals-super-bowl-party-28398309"}