Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel Resigns

President Obama loses the only Republican on his national security team.
2:25 | 11/24/14

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Transcript for Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel Resigns
We begin with breaking news from Washington were just coming in. That Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel is resigning. Cagle a former Republican senator has led the Pentagon since early last year President Obama is expected to announce that resignation today ABC's chief White House correspondent John and Karl has been following this breaking development and Jonathan. With this unexpected. A well. It was in the senior administration officials have been denying justice recently as last week that hagel was going anywhere in fact I spoke to one of bagels. Top advisors at the Pentagon. Just last week we told me that hagel would be staying through the end of the Obama administration. That said there is precedent for this as you remember when George Bush took a beating Republicans took a beating in his final ought mid term election. To Don Rumsfeld his Defense Secretary was. Fired we don't know exactly the terms of hagel departure but it's not unprecedented to see a departure like this after the kind of election we disarm. And Jonathan this hasn't been exactly a smooth two years in the position for secretary Hickel. I know it it has mean you remember his confirmation hearings were particularly brutal so we started out on the wrong foot. Hagel did a lot of work in terms of dealing with the budget cuts at the Pentagon but he was never a central player. With the president in terms of crafting a strategy on things like the battle against vices. When can we expect an announcement on a possible replacement and have there been any names floated around. Well the White House says the replacement will be named soon ended hagel will continue to serve NTELOS replacement is named and confirmed by the senate. By no word on a real short list yet but one name that I would say to look for. What do you Michelle floor knowing she was an undersecretary of defense somebody well liked by the Obama national security team. And would be the first woman to lead the Pentagon will this mean could this mean a shift to an in the direction of the defense. Planned for the United States was the front hoping to accomplish. I I don't think I would so expect a major shift because hagel although he was you know right there in the middle of all as Defense Secretary. He really was not a central player in crafting by any of the major. National security issues. You know aside from looking at the restructuring of the Pentagon. And dealing with the downsizing. Of the military he just was not a key player on those big issues like the battle gives license. All right Jonathan Karl we appreciate it thanks so much.

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{"duration":"2:25","description":"President Obama loses the only Republican on his national security team.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"27135283","title":"Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel Resigns","url":"/GMA/video/defense-secretary-chuck-hagel-resigns-27135283"}