Delta to Change Frequent Flyer Awards Program

Changes could make it harder for many to earn free flights and upgrades.
3:00 | 02/27/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Delta to Change Frequent Flyer Awards Program
Delta is changing their frequent flier rewards program making it hard for many to earn free flights and upgrades and Jim Avila has the details. Reporter: Attention frequent flyers and fasten your seat belts, delta air lines sky miles members are waking up to free flight turbulence this morning. It's disappointing. I think that's awful. Reporter: One of the world's largest airlines revealing a major overhaul to the sky miles program offering free flights and upgrades not based on precious miles but on dollars spent. The airlines want to focus on those high fare paying business class passengers who are going to drive that bottom line for them. Reporter: The new program taking effect January 1st, 2015, will award five points for every qualifying dollar spent to general sky miles members. That means an economy seat from Atlanta to Los Angeles costing $427 that would earn you 3,892 miles today will only bring 2,135 points into your account under the new rules. Now you're going to be rewarded for your spending instead of your time in the seat so the more your ticket costs, the more points you're going to get. Reporter: How many more points? That same flight booked as a business class seat which costs more than a grand would now earn a whopping 12,585 points. Delta is making no secret of the customers it's favoring, "The updated program will better reward the customers who spend more with delta." If I'm not going to earn as many miles I'll look into other ways to fly, other airlines. Reporter: For "Good morning America," Jim Avila, ABC news, Miami.

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{"id":22694703,"title":"Delta to Change Frequent Flyer Awards Program","duration":"3:00","description":"Changes could make it harder for many to earn free flights and upgrades.","url":"/GMA/video/delta-making-frequent-flyer-awards-program-22694703","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}