Dentist Sues Patient for Negative Yelp Review

Dr. Parsa Zadeh is suing the person who wrote a scathing review, claiming the author damaged his reputation.
2:01 | 10/10/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Dentist Sues Patient for Negative Yelp Review
And turn now to the Beverly hills dentist, fighting back after a bad Ruf an yelp. The couple blames they got bad service and have a right to say so. The dentist says it's libel. Reporter: A professional model in the spotlight because of an online yelp review. Big teeth. Reporter: Her husband shot this home video which he claims he took immediately after surgery. They were like chick lets, rabbit teeth. Couldn't close my mouth. Reporter: After complaining about neck pain, the Beverly hills dentist said it was caused by her jawbone being misaligned. Something he could fix. Didn't fix the neck pain. Reporter: She was so unhappy, her then-husband wrote a scathing yelp review calling ziday a butcher and a crook. The front teeth look like Mr. Ed, he wrote. The dentist firing off this lawsuit in April, saying they are damaging his reputation. And saying it was done by another dentist who removed his work. Claiming that the couple conspired to claim medical malpracti malpractice. His lawyer telling ABC news, there's not freedom of speech to lie and try to destroy someone's career. It was nothing other than folks, this is our experience. Watch out. Reporter: But is a yelp review protected speech? If you start stating facts, like, he's a crook. Or he stole from me. And it's not true, even on yelp, you could be held legally accountable. Reporter: Golbert and her ex-husband have missed a deadline to respondent to the lawsuit. A legal headache that could have teeth. Neal Karlinsky, ABC news, los Angeles.

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{"duration":"2:01","description":"Dr. Parsa Zadeh is suing the person who wrote a scathing review, claiming the author damaged his reputation.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"26098048","title":"Dentist Sues Patient for Negative Yelp Review","url":"/GMA/video/dentist-sues-patient-negative-yelp-review-26098048"}