Wall of Wind Hits Midwest, Targets East Coast

Nearly 50 million people are bracing for high winds, flash floods and large hail.
2:22 | 06/13/13

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Transcript for Wall of Wind Hits Midwest, Targets East Coast
Those storms, take a look. Lightning strike overnight, direct hit on the tower in chicago. Now huge storms heading for the east coast. Sam, how bad is it going to get? Not as bad yesterday as we anticipate buddha a whole range of storms. And all over the eastern seaboard. Tornado watches and warnings we think will be issued. A severe thunderstorm watch out now that includes the d area. So, yesterday, let's get to what we thought would happen. We thought it would be much worse but already looking at 280, almost 300 storm reports, 18 tornadoes, so this was bad enough. Thankfully, we've got this out of this area and now we squeeze it east. The problem is, from washington, d.C. All of the way north you have to watch out for stuff that happens similar to what happened yesterday. A series of severe storms spawned tornadoes 80-mile-an-hour straight-line winds and golf ball-sized hail. This town, belmont, iowa, seeing extensive damage. The owner of one restaurant says she had another employee took off as they saw the storm approaching. We locked the door and jumped in and took off for town and it probably hit about two minutes after that. Made it look large and scary to see the debris. Not sure what it was hitting or if there were injuries at that point in time. Reporter: West of hampton, iowa a pair of twisters caught on camera. And in alexander, iowa, farm damage and tossed cars. Hours later, tornado sirens blaring in aurora, illinois and along the path of the storms lightning. This picture capturingly the nine across the chicago skyline. Striking the willis tower and lots of storm damage in kankakee, illinois, and this bar caughten o fire after lightning hit it. As bad as all of that was, as much delay in the travel yesterday and there was in the travel yesterday, we did not get the situation, particularly dangerous situation that the weather service thought about. But watch this from zero count in the last couple of hours to within last hour, almost 10,000 lightning strikes in this line moving east. A real weather concern and a lot of slowdown on the eastern seaboard. Long line of storms in philly and new york with the heavy rain but this is the target zone for toughest weather, philly, dover, norfolk, similar weather to what we saw yesterday. So back to the desk and we'll keep up with it on the forecast. Lots to check out before you

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{"id":19389362,"title":"Wall of Wind Hits Midwest, Targets East Coast","duration":"2:22","description":"Nearly 50 million people are bracing for high winds, flash floods and large hail.","url":"/GMA/video/derecho-strikes-midwest-wall-wind-targets-east-coast-19389362","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}