New details about Las Vegas gunman's final hours

Stephen Paddock, 64, reportedly called in two noise complaints at the Mandalay Bay Resort the night before the mass shooting that killed 58 and left more than 500 injured.
4:01 | 10/06/17

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Transcript for New details about Las Vegas gunman's final hours
We get new details about the gunman's final hours in that hotel before the rampage. More on@ that from our senior national correspondent Matt Gutman who got that aerial view of the room. Good morning, Matt. Reporter: Good morning, George. And from the air you get a sense of the scope of this massacre, those deadly bullets flying hundreds of yards but also the sense of this scale of this investigation. Now, that forensic work we got to see from the sky is pretty much all investigators have to try to piece together a motive here because Stephen paddock left behind no manifesto, no suicide note, no phone calls. This morning a view inside his sniper's nest from the sky. A helicopter bringing us to the Las Vegas strip. Inside one shattered window we see pillows stacked high on a stripped bed, the other partially blocked by plywood but inside investigators still carefully dissecting the scene Thursday. Our flight following the bullets' path right over the concert venue still a very active crime scene. When you look down in there you see evidence of this family-friendly evidence, strollers, walkers, drinks still on tables and then it looks like it was hit by a tornado. FBI forensics teams shoulder to shoulder painstakingly scouring the site right there marking evidence with spray paint. Stephen paddock's storm of bullets traveling an incredible distance, at least a thousand yards and on the ground chaos, responders jumping into action helping to evacuate crowds unable to process the horror. Run. Don't walk. Reporter: This morning, we're learning more about the heroic actions of bystanders. This video shot by ray page who went back to get his truck which was parked nearby driving it right into the kill zone turning that white pickup into a makeshift ambulance. Do we have any other wounded people? Not right now. Reporter: Ray page driving them back up the strip to paramedics unable to get into the fire zone. I got five wounded. Gunshot wound to the chest here. Reporter: We also learned more about his final hours, the night before the shooting sources tell ABC news paddock reportedly calling in two noise complaints about guests staying in the room below him. Floyd Conradi was staying in the room beneath one of paddock's sniper's nests. At what point did you begin to notice something was wrong? By the third volley of shots. Reporter: As those forensics teams continue to comb the site family members beginning to say their final farewells. Jamie Robinson lost her beloved baby brother Cameron, he was just 28. Part of you ever wish you could have been there with him? I wish I could have taken his place because he had so much going for him and I would have given my life in a heartbeat for him to go on. Reporter: And simply so gutting to be with the victims' family members. Until now the city has been in a state of shock but now the mourning has begun. You can see this memorial set up yesterday, 58 crosses, each one of them with the names of the victims, pictures, candles and flowers and even at this hour you can see people here paying their respects. Now, the memorials and the funerals begin next week. Guys. Wow. What a powerful image right there, so haunting. Another powerful image is this photo that was shared so many times by so many people, showing a hero shielding a woman from the gunfire. The U.S. Army confirmed the man is soldier Matthew Cobos. They called hip the epitome of the American soldier. And really powerful. That gives you chills to see the heroism there. Oh, thanks for sharing that. You know we have a programming note. ABC news and "20/20" will air a special documentary presentation tonight at 10:00 P.M. Eastern on the heroism amid the tragedy, "What happened in Vegas." It airs tonight at 10:00 eastern, 9:00 central on ABC. In the wake of the shooting

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{"id":50320618,"title":"New details about Las Vegas gunman's final hours","duration":"4:01","description":"Stephen Paddock, 64, reportedly called in two noise complaints at the Mandalay Bay Resort the night before the mass shooting that killed 58 and left more than 500 injured.","url":"/GMA/video/details-las-vegas-gunmans-final-hours-50320618","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}