Matt Lauer accused of sexual misconduct by more women

Variety magazine's Ramin Setoodeh and Elizabeth Wagmeister share details of new accusations against Lauer after he was fired by NBC News for alleged "inappropriate sexual behavior."
4:34 | 11/30/17

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Transcript for Matt Lauer accused of sexual misconduct by more women
those new accusations against Matt Lauer. NBC fired the "Today" show host after a woman came forward with allegations and more are telling their stories. ABC's linsey Davis is here with new reporting. Good morning, linsey. Reporter: Good morning, robin. Some of the details that emerged are simply too graphic for morning television. There are accusations of lewd techs and comments of Lauer exposing himself and one woman alleges to "The New York Times" a sexual encounter in his office culminated with her passing out and Lauer having his assistant take her to a nurse. Matt Lauer's fall from grace casting a dark cloud over what was supposed to be a bright night at NBC's famed Christmas tree lighting. The former anchor scrubbed from the show. The atmosphere is electric. Reporter: The star with a reported $25 million a year salary now fired. And, good morning, welcome to "Today" on a Friday morning. I'm Matt Lauer. Reporter: The female staffers' allegations of sexual misduct during and after the 2014 olympics in Sochi. Two more NBC employees came forward Wednesday. One telling "The New York Times" Lauer summoned her to his office in 2001 during a rkday, locked the door and sexually assaulted her. The alleged victim says she didn't report it because she felt ashamed and didn't want to lose her job. She says that he then asked her to unbutton her blouse which she did. She says he then came around from his desk, pulled down her pants and had sex with her. She says she does bear some of the responsibility for what happened but she felt like he was going to be using his power over her. Reporter: After the sexual assault she passed out in Lauer's office. He then asked his assistant to bring her to the nurse. The new allegations come after another scathing expose Wednesday. Virgin "Variety" details the claims of several current and former anonymous NBC staffers. One told them he gave her a sex toy as a present and detailed how he wanted to use it on her another says he exposed himself then represent prix monthed when she didn't engouge. Others said he had a button that would lock his door. Several women complained to executives at the network about Lauer's behavior which they say fell on deaf ears. Matt Lauer and Savannah Guthrie. Good morning, everyone. Happy Thanksgiving. Reporter: Lauer's illustrious career at NBC has included plum assignments like hosting the Thanksgiving day parade and interviews with everyone from presidents to stars like Tom Cruise. You're glib. You don't even know what ritalin is. Reporter: Just two months ago he grilled Bill O'Reilly about sexual allegations that led to his own termination from fox News. You were probably the last guy in the world that they wanted to fire because you were the guy that the ratings and the revenues were built on. You carried that network on your shoulders for a lot of years so doesn't it seem safe to assume that the people at Fox News were given a piece of information or given some evidence that simply made it impossible for you to stay on at Fox News? Reporter: But this morning, other clips are resurfacing too like this sexually driven sketch. Ah. Oh. Drink it in, ladies. Again, Matt. Really. It's the third time this week. Former co-host Katie couric said this about Lauer in a game show lightning round in 2012. What is Matt's most annoying habit. He Americans me on the . Wow. TMZ released this video Wednesday, apparently showing him commenting on a co-worker's appearance on set. Nice sweater. Keep bending over like that. It's a nice view. Reporter: This morning the "Today" show seeming to sever all ties with Lauer. His photo already scrubbed from their social media accounts. Despite claims to the contrary NBC news release add statement saying we can see unequivocally that prior to Monday night current NBC news management was never made aware of any complaints about Matt Lauer's conduct. George. Okay, linsey, thanks. We just got a statement from Matt Lauer. I want to read it to you right now. Just came in on the e-mail. He says, there are no words to express my sorrow and regret for the pain I have caused others by words and actions. To the people I have hurt I am truly sorry as I am writing this I realize the depth of the damage and disappointment I have left behind at home and at NBC. Some of what is being said is untrue or mischaracterized but there is enough truth in the stories to make me feel embarrassed and ashamed. There is more after that but that's the nub of the statement from Matt Lauer and we are joined also by the reporters who broke the story for "Variety," ramen setoodeh and Elizabeth wagmeister. Elizabeth, we heard Matt Lauer say some of the stories have been mischaracterized. You were working on this for weeks before NBC made their move. How many women did you talk to? What did they say. We spoke to three women and multiple sources. We did dozens of interviews. We investigated this for two months and we were told some very shocking and disturbing stories which are a stark contrast to the Matt Lauer that everybody is known for over 20 years. We were told that he gave a sex tape to one of his former employees along with a graphic note about what he wanted to do with it. We were told that he called a woman into his office and dropped his pants exposed himself and when she didn't want to do anything with him he represeimanded her. These women were scared because Matt Lauer had so much power. It's what we're hearing with all the stories. Unfair power dynamic. It appeared to be an open secret from your reporting. We see these from the brass, Andy lack said first time in 20 years he's heard a clapts and doubled down overnight saying unequivocally there were no complaints before Monday night. That's at odds with your reporting. It is at odds with our reporting. We had talked to dozens of former and current staffers who say that there was general knowledge within all ranks of NBC between staffers, high ranking executives, other anchors that were on air with Matt knowing detailing speaking about what Matt was doing pursuing women. Semantics here there were no formal complaints with the hr department. It seems like they're referencing paperwork as opposed to actual knowledge and I think that's where the story is headed. The question of who knew what when and many of the sources we talk to find it hard to believe they can issue this blanket statement saying nobody new. This appears to have been allowed to continue because of the enormous power he yielded on camera and behind the scenes. Absolutely. I mean Matt Lauer, he makes -- made $25 million per year. He was there for over 20 years. He was the face of the "Today" show. They didn't want to let anything ruin that. And it appears that from you were reporting as wel that he seemed to focus on people at work. Especially in recent years. This is an important aspect of the story. The wlasment occurred in the office. It occurred in his office. It occurred while he was taking work trips. It occurred in hotel rooms. This was behavior that he didn't do on his own or away from NBC. This was done within the halls of the newsroom. We were told that, you know, Matt, he was very paranoid about being caught. He's a big star. So he knew that he could be caught by tabloid reporters. That's why he kept it within his stable and knew he had power there so he was pretty assured that these women would not complain about him because he was the big man there. You've talked to dozens of people. Expect more to come forward. We've been in communication with more victims and we're in the process of vetting their stories. Thanks for coming on this morning.

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{"id":51480679,"title":"Matt Lauer accused of sexual misconduct by more women ","duration":"4:34","description":"Variety magazine's Ramin Setoodeh and Elizabeth Wagmeister share details of new accusations against Lauer after he was fired by NBC News for alleged \"inappropriate sexual behavior.\" ","url":"/GMA/video/details-matt-lauer-alleged-sexual-harassment-51480679","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}