New Details Released About Robin Williams' Death

Williams' assistant found the comedian unresponsive and called 911.
2:28 | 08/13/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for New Details Released About Robin Williams' Death
Thank you. We'll turn to the latest on the passing of actor and comedian robin Williams and we loved all of your tweets overs lat 4 hours learning more this morning about his final hours and we're also hearing from all three of his children now. ABC's Cecilia Vega is in San Francisco with the latest this morning. Cecilia, good morning. Reporter: David, good morning to you. Police now say that robin Williams was being treated for depression at the time of his death and while they do believe he died in an apparent suicide they say this case will remain open as they await the results of a toxicology test. This morning, investigators releasing new details about the final hours of comedy icon robin Williams' life. Authorities say the oscar-winning actor's wife Susan Schneider last saw him when she went to bed at 10:30 Sunday night. Police say when she left the house Monday morning, she thought Williams was still asleep. At 11:45 A.M., Williams' assistant knocked on his bedroom door and became concerned when she got no response. It was his assistant who called 911. The personal assistant was able to gain access to Mr. Williams' bedroom and entered to find Mr. Williams clothed in a seated position unresponsive. Apparent suicide attempt by hanging. Reporter: The comedian also found with superficial cuts on his wrist and a pocketknife nearby. Emergency workers pronouncing Williams dead at 12:02 P.M. Williams' longtime friend said he saw the 63-year-old last week and was concerned. What was he like on Tuesday? It was clear to us, you know, that he was not in great shape. Reporter: Did you think it would come to this? No, I mean he was getting so much love and support all around him. I mean, for me, there's no making sense of any of this. Reporter: As the outpouring of public grief goes on -- Be kisses. Reporter: -- His family is in mourning in private. His children releasing tapes saying "I will carry his heart with me every day." "There's mine for comfort in knowing our grief and loss in some small way is shared with millions and the world will never be the same without him." And this is that house made famous in the blockbuster "Mrs. Doubtfire." You can see behind me this memorial has been growing by the day. David, this has become the gathering spot for San Francisco to remember one of its favorite actors. Yes, and "Mrs. Doubtfire," one of the favorites. We'll have more on Lauren bacall too. Lara with that in just a moment. A lot of loss this week.

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{"id":24959716,"title":"New Details Released About Robin Williams' Death","duration":"2:28","description":"Williams' assistant found the comedian unresponsive and called 911. ","url":"/GMA/video/details-released-robin-williams-death-24959716","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}