New Details on Suspects Charged in Stabbing Death of Connecticut Man

James Rackover, 25, and Larry Dilione, 28, face charges of second degree murder and tampering with evidence.
3:51 | 11/18/16

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Transcript for New Details on Suspects Charged in Stabbing Death of Connecticut Man
Murder mystery right here in Manhattan. We're learning more about two men charged in connection with killing a 26-year-old on the upper east side and Linzie Janis is on the scene with the latest. Good morning, Linzie. Reporter: Good morning, George. Police say they now know how Joseph Comunale was murdered and believe they know who did it. The question they are still working on this morning is why. Overnight two men in court charged in connection with the murder of 26-year-old Joseph Comunale, the Connecticut man who vanished after a night of partying in New York City. This is from a missing persons to a murder mystery. Reporter: James rackover with a long criminal history and 28-year-old Lawrence dilione now facing charges of hindering prosecution and concealing a corpse. 15 times in the chest area he was stabbed and also there is an effort to burn his body. Reporter: Police believe his body was removed from a luxury Manhattan high-rise where rackover lives on this blood-stained luggage cart. Appears to be bleach on that as well. Reporter: Police say one of the suspects helping them to find the body believed to be Comunale's in a shallow grave 55 miles away in New Jersey. A disturbing crime scene. Reporter: Investigators say Comunale met rackover, dilione and three women at a nightclub. The group going back to rackover's apartment in the early hours of Sunday morning. Motive is undetermined right now. But it would be speculative for me to say anything more. Reporter: Rackover shares a name with prominent New York City jeweler Jeffrey rackover whose clients reportedly include Oprah and Melania trump but the two are not related. He actually let this young man change his name to his name. You can't adopt somebody over 18 but he let him change his name. Reporter: Friends say Jeffrey had been helping the troubled Florida man whose name used to be James bodouin clean up his life. This is such a triple tragedy for the young man killed and for James whose life will never be the same and for Jeffrey rackover who thought he had this son he never had. He can't believe what occurred. Reporter: Police say they are still trying to determine exactly what happened inside that apartment building. Both men still face murder charges and neither are cooperating. George. Okay, thanks. Let's talk to Dan Abrams right now. And so the body pretty gruesome story just found on Wednesday but they already have these arrests moving pretty fast. It seems pretty clear they had a suspect already targeted. Meaning that he was reported missing as of Monday. I think they knew where he was. They knew who lived there. They found possible suspect. Suspects then at least one of them leads them to the body. They then find the body, you know, 100 miles away from where this allegedly happened and that's I think why this investigation is moving so quickly but trying to assess exactly who was the most culpable one here. You have multiple suspects right now. Some charges filed but they're going to try to turn one witness against the other. I think they may. I think they want to know who did the stabbing, right? I mean, the theory right now is that this was some sort of fight. Some sort of incident that led to this stabbing. So the question is going to be with more than one person in custody, I think they're going to want to know who is the stabber and who was there who may have helped, who may have helped conceal the body, et cetera, and what authorities may want to do in a case like this they may want to try to cut the deal with the less culpable person and say, all right, we'll still charge you. You'll still serve some time but we'll be able to get you out a lot earlier if you're willing to help us and testify against the other person because that person could be a critical eyewitness. We don't know that to be the case right now but in these kind of cases that tends to be what happens. Okay, Dan Abrams, thanks very

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{"duration":"3:51","description":"James Rackover, 25, and Larry Dilione, 28, face charges of second degree murder and tampering with evidence. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"43631289","title":"New Details on Suspects Charged in Stabbing Death of Connecticut Man","url":"/GMA/video/details-suspects-charged-stabbing-death-connecticut-man-43631289"}