Behind Diana's Private Photo: Who Was the Secret Man?

ABC News' Nick Schiffrin learns identity of mysterious stranger captured in old picture.
2:43 | 01/05/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Behind Diana's Private Photo: Who Was the Secret Man?
Now, to the newly-revealed picture of princess diana we've been mesmerized by this week. Taken fore she would become the most documented woman in the world. Looking so young and so innocent. But who is the young man with her? It was a mystery until abc's nick schifrin got down on the case and tracked the mysterious stranger. Nick is with us from london. Good morning, nick. Reporter: Good morning, bianna. We pieced through every clue. We looked under every manhole. We called every contact we had. It's the biggest mystery since the loch ness monster. We think we solved it. She was just diana spencer. It was 1979. She was 17 years old, skiing in the swiss alps. Diana tore her ankle tendon. But she spent a lot of time indoors with a certain silent suitor. I can say that the man in the picture is adam russell. Reporter: Adam russell, great grandson of a prime minister. He always liked diana. But he never told her. If adam russell had told her how he really felt about her, the british monar would be a very different monarchy than we see today. Reporter: Today, russell's a farmer, way down here, dorset, england, where he runs this b&b. He traveled the world. And thought he could make a go of it with diana. Only to find a friend telling him, too late. You have one ri prince charles. Reporter: And that's when diana became, well, the princess. The glass carriage. The dress. That ain. One of the most photographed women of all-time. When she looked down your lane and she smiled, you know you had a great picture. Reporter: Arthur edwards was one of diana's first photographers. She changed the way the royal family worked. Completely. She did everything her way. Reporter: Walked in mine fields. Helped take the stigma out of aids. Everything she did was documented. And yet, this photo disappeared, just two days after diana's engagement. "The mirror" got scared it would offend the palace. That's the reason they weren't published. Reporter: There's whiskey in the corner. A young, happy diana, whose life had been very different. If she had fallen for adam russell, she would be herding deer in the south of england. And someone else would be the future queen. Reporter: Now, I called russell down on his farm. He wouldn't tell me much other than confirming him in the photo. He said he looks pretty much the same today. Mystery solved. Dan, bianna, we're headed up to scotland to fhe loch ness monster. We're convinced you can do anything, nick. Time, now, for the forecast.

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{"id":18138486,"title":"Behind Diana's Private Photo: Who Was the Secret Man?","duration":"2:43","description":"ABC News' Nick Schiffrin learns identity of mysterious stranger captured in old picture.","url":"/GMA/video/dianas-private-photo-secret-man-18138486","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}