'Dirty Daddy' Author Bob Saget on Censoring His Comedy

'Full House,' 'AFHV' comedian juxtaposes raunchy humor with roles in family-friendly TV.
6:57 | 04/10/14

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Transcript for 'Dirty Daddy' Author Bob Saget on Censoring His Comedy
I'm Dan -- and this is news makers for ABC news and Yahoo! News for years. Family friendly television. Was his bread and butter. Playing Danny tanner on full house and hosting the antics of children and animals on America's Funniest Home Videos. But comedian Bob Saget has a decidedly -- -- which he's written about his book. Dirty daddy. You said and hear about writing the book -- -- said man this is a cleansing purging experience it's fun to be able to release anything you want to say. What do you wanna say. Exactly that. Edwards gotten well it's interesting -- And with different things I've done. And different things most people do that are in the media -- mean your a reporter -- journalist. Wind you wanna do whatever you wanna do -- using not that latitude. And so for me this is. The book writing was one of the -- -- experiences I ever had and I really feel artistically and just as an artist -- As a writer I kind of feel like I became a writer learning how to. Unleash the things I've been storing up. There was a point in time where you had this very manic schedule. You were shooting full house. You're going to visit your sister at the hospital and then you were doing stand up and your stand -- -- all three required something very different in each area again I would be doing the full house thing during the day and going honey can have a goat in the living room. And then I would. Go to dinner with a friend and that I would go to the comedy store and I would do. Couple minutes and whatever does try to get out some venting of something and then my sister was. Verio. The cedars Sinai and in Los Angeles and so I would show up late at night and then hang out with her and then now. And finally home so I was trying to keep all the plates going and if you stop which you should do as -- as I've -- as I've gotten older. But you take a moment and reboot yourself I I didn't really reboot I was just going really fanatically and it kept me it it was a mania has kind of crazed and I was doing it and your blessed with you have one television show. Whether you love it or don't love -- -- people and other working doing big television shows and they don't like them I'm like. That's nice most of the world that'll work he should at least try to like what -- of the big influences that I was reading is was your father. And your style of comedy. And effect and in you wrote your I left him creaky jokes and often. -- -- -- He would do things to me like -- you out to dinner with him view it. To be sitting at the table and he would take like one. And then he would stare at you now. This is creepy. But it's not anything -- right not -- -- a right just odd it was odd humor. So how is it that that how do you explain then you're you're you're on the road you're doing comedy right. And then all of a sudden you get this part to audition for for full house not the first not the first pick you were shot the pilot now and you watch that you said that you were surprised that we. Given your back argued to new material that how would you be applicable well actually was -- wasn't as I didn't really have -- coming out when the kingdom. Expletives at that time OK my stand up I curse but -- stand up was lighter. That was -- jokes like. I have the brain of a German shepherd in the body of a sixteen year old boy in the both in my car and I want you to see him -- -- quarters grandmothers coming my father's -- -- mr. potato head he would -- -- telling my -- humor was just. As -- -- has more money python influenced by -- Than anyone else with a little Groucho throne and take take -- Brain about fourteen Europe he wants it back you know whatever those jokes work -- talk a little bit about censorship because the fact is that you -- you worked on full house where -- -- is is a -- show right and then you came out with this pilot here essentially have an early formative YouTube here with America's Funniest Home Videos at the same -- the -- as as a comedian your style is much more is much really hear that right. Did you have battles with sensors battles with standards. -- -- more than I would like three -- it's it's a lot. I had a battle with a sensor over and I can say this sheep dip. Is the IP. It -- process. Where you put a sheep in a chemical. And you get off its. Coat it's an easier thing to do before you shear the sheet okay -- not killing the -- harming getting. That it probably not great for her repetitive regret chemical what you're chemical relaxer apologetic look grandma and are gonna get hurt but we're gonna get rid of -- -- work. So the sheep the -- goes in the sheep dip. And I just said something like -- -- the man is in -- dip. And -- -- and it says no they said no it you can't say that and LA yeah well and I I -- them and they were laughing battles -- and it didn't matter is hosting a blooper show what I was doing. But I wanted to look into the camera and I basically by the end it -- -- -- crying for help what is the line. Do you have a -- are there are there areas that you won't go into. Yeah. I'm changing more. Also the older I get. I mean even my last special all. I just know if you -- is count the profane words the -- the drinking game is slowed down and you know ray I believe I'm funny you know people are -- a couple things you know. If people are you going to be fun and it's like. -- -- -- pilot he's getting -- in Cleveland. Authorities 37 years over the rest and a -- I hope the yes I'm going to be funny right maybe not at all times for -- -- but. I will be funny and if I'm not than you can have your money back but not -- me. I'd like. I like growing again. And I and I have more of an understanding. Writing this book has changed me. -- I'm -- stating I'm becoming you wrote that you can't listen to one of the people think about you or your work you've just got to follow your instincts. Yeah is that sum up the book gore career. It is is definitely something that I learned and I truly -- even though. Because you can't push on a door. That doesn't open the justice. -- -- -- This is not written for people with super human threat. If someone can literally -- house out of its foundation. Then -- then this book does not apply to them.

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{"id":23273110,"title":"'Dirty Daddy' Author Bob Saget on Censoring His Comedy","duration":"6:57","description":"'Full House,' 'AFHV' comedian juxtaposes raunchy humor with roles in family-friendly TV.","url":"/GMA/video/dirty-daddy-author-bob-saget-censoring-comedy-23273110","section":"GMA","mediaType":"yahoo only"}