DIY Tips to Improve Your Front Door

Home improvement expert Carter Oosterhouse shares how to spruce up your home's entryway.
3:16 | 10/23/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for DIY Tips to Improve Your Front Door
Time now for a very exciting edition of "Improve this!." This morning we're all about helping you restore your door. Oh, there you are. Hello, America. We brought in the big guns. Home improvement expert Carter oosterhouse. Yes. I'm happy to see you. We don't give enough love to our doors. I know that and it's such a statement. Sort of sets the tone for your home and there are really cheap and cheerful simply chic ways -- Solutions and I'm here to be the voice for all our front doors. You are the voice of the front door of America so let's start with the drafty door. We want to save you money on your energy bill. The first thing weatherstripping. Save over 30% of your energy within just weatherstripping alone so we'll go in here and get weather stripping and our tape measure and we're going to get a screw gun because if you want to add a door sweep on the bottom, the first -- Do you recommend it. Door sweep, if you have an eighth of an inch all the way around your door right around the top, the bottom and sides, that's the equivalent to a six-inch hole in diameter in your wall. Just air and money flowing out of your house. Use your weatherstripping. Get all different kind, vinyl, different adhesives. It really isn't hard. Go online and learn how to do it. Peel and stiff. That's all. Peel and stick. Another really simple a to update is paint it. Right and wrong way. Right way to do it, so we see our door right hire. The one thing you want to make sure you start from the appropriate area which is start in the middle of the door and then -- All of the depressed areas. All of these recessed areas so start in here and work your way out so start on the center portion here, work your way out, work your way out and then you want to work on your rails and styles. These are your rails and verticals are your styles. Should you paint in the direction of -- Exactly. Paint in the direction they go. The reason you do that so many doors have so much wood grain within them and this is the most efficient way to make sure your door is going to look appropriate. Okay. Then you also want to make sure that you take all the hardware and that you close -- that you -- Wrap it up? And you can use tin foil which is so good if you don't have painter's tape. That is like my favorite thing to use for everything. But tin foil is so cool but then the last thing add to your hardware. Spray paint it if you don't want to get new hardware. What you can do really quick, add in your hardware, you can add in right here is a little piece of tape so you don't ruin the mechanism. The big reveal. We did a door and Carter did it. So here is a beautiful door that incorporates all of Carter's tip, the painted hardware, beautifully painted door that is very simple. Of course, there is no air getting through this door at all because of weatherstripping. Absolutely not. Absolutely not and then we just did a couple more things and a wreath. We can use this all season, a vine wreath. We put a little love onto the side windows -- Really great. That's etching and we'll let you know how to do it on our website on Thank you so much, Carter.

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{"duration":"3:16","description":"Home improvement expert Carter Oosterhouse shares how to spruce up your home's entryway.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"34676028","title":"DIY Tips to Improve Your Front Door","url":"/GMA/video/diy-tips-improve-front-door-34676028"}