Dog Apps Promise to Monitor Your Pet's Movements

New high-tech pet apps can track your pet's movements or help monitor their health.
3:17 | 04/01/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Dog Apps Promise to Monitor Your Pet's Movements
been yahoo!'d. We've been talking about this newest high-tech dog tools that promise to monitor everything from your puppy's health to his or her whereabout thes. ABC Becky Worley has the ruff assign many. Yes. ? Yahoo ? Reporter: Interacting with your dog has been pretty basic. But a slew of new dog tracking devices have hit the market that are basically gps devices, smartphone and fitbits in collar form but in our how-to tech series we ask does your dog need a smartphone? Well, this guy might. Buddy is a dog with a pen chapter to go on walkpoints and goes out as far as six miles and we start with a Tagg. It really is sleddie's location gps and track it via smartphone app. I hope this works. We let him go and, well, as expected, sleddie took off but Tagg has located him. He's on the move. You can create a virtual fence and if your dog strays it can send alerts to your phone. Sleddie, you are exactly where it says you should be. Whistle tracks your pet's activities, how many minutes walking, playing, resting. Basically it's a fitbit that's motivating you to take the dog out more often. Okay. Well, according to whistle during this little jaunt, sleddie did 29 minutes of vigorous activity. Good job but if your primary concern is your dog's health or if it has a medicaldition voice voyce, it tracks activity and rest but monitoring its breathing rate, calories burnene burned and they can be helpful when talking to your vet and scout from motorola. Not officially out yet but it's really a communication device like a phone. In addition to gps tracking and bark detection, it can send live video from your dog's collar to your phone and let you talk to him. Deaddie, come home! And he never calls me. So while the basics are human canine communication haven't changed. Of course, technology is offering us new ways to enhance the conversation. For "Good morning America," and Yahoo, Becky Worley ABC news, California. Becky, thank you very much. You've been tracking two of the dogs. You had Winston and you've been checking his activity level. A lot going on there. Worried about Winston. I better make sure he's alive. Winston, are you all right? We have movement. Continue with the segment. Sara, how is this device useful? This tracks your animal's behavior like it's activity and rest and we were talking about it before about why would anyone want that? I have senior dogs and a lot of times the first thing the vet asks is how's their behavior? What are they doing? I can't tell when I go away all day for work and only a brief moment when a walker is with them so that's a break in the pattern so this would be useful. To give it to the doctor. And tracks medication so if all of a sudden they take it and get lethargic, maybe it's not the right base. Breaking news. We saw Winston stand up. A spike on the app. We have a spike, everybody. We will have frequent updates

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{"duration":"3:17","description":"New high-tech pet apps can track your pet's movements or help monitor their health. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"30043532","title":"Dog Apps Promise to Monitor Your Pet's Movements","url":"/GMA/video/dog-apps-promise-monitor-pets-movements-30043532"}