Dog's Post-Westminster Death Raises Questions

The owner of the dog who mysteriously died suspects her pet was poisoned.
2:27 | 03/01/13

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Transcript for Dog's Post-Westminster Death Raises Questions
Show dog who simply died just days after the prestigious Westminster dog show. The owner suspects are beloved pet was deliberately poisoned during the event and Dan. You've been tracking the latest on this for us all over this starter -- good morning once again the death of this dog named Cruz has touched -- the feverish round of finger pointing and hand wringing. And it is providing a fascinating glimpse into the surprisingly intense world. A dog shows. Cruz was a big adorable cotton -- a three year old purebred assimilated who was worth thousand of dollars. Flew commercial and was considered an up and comer in the dog show world. He was has the cool dog to be around he came to New York last month with a drain competing at Westminster this Super Bowl for canine. The night before at The New Yorker hotel crews -- a state dinner with his handler Robert -- -- The day of he trotted sprightly although he didn't win but days later he started coughing blood and then died. The vet says his sentence against he ate rat poison. We wholeheartedly believe that. He was intentionally poisoned Japanese admits he had no proof but he believes Cruz was poisoned by animal rights activists one of whom argue with him outside to show and -- raising the possibility that she could have. Thrown some rat poison into the dog's cage. The accusation is ludicrous and he has -- even identified the person as an animal rights activists there was someone who criticized him. So what about -- rivals after all the dog show world is a competitive -- -- whereas I've seen firsthand. Owners go to extraordinary. -- Barnett. To get breakfast made her in the morning and popular. Oh yeah it's happened before look at his New York Times headline from 1895. Eight dogs poisoned at Westminster. Jealousy believe the motive and possible since -- handler. And don't believe it was another competitor by any means. I believe it was somebody who is sick. -- then navy crews ate rat poison unintentionally. However the people at the hotel -- states say they don't use the staff and according to -- Westminster Kennel Club. The same thing is true that the facility where -- dog -- was held. OK so what now the owner has called the NYPD but it's too late to have the body examined the owner was so confident -- crews have been poisoned she says she immediately had -- cream -- His life impossibly -- his death perhaps impossible to solve.

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{"id":18627032,"title":"Dog's Post-Westminster Death Raises Questions","duration":"2:27","description":"The owner of the dog who mysteriously died suspects her pet was poisoned.","url":"/GMA/video/dogs-post-westminster-mystery-death-raises-questions-foul-18627032","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}