Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton Clash Over Terror

Trump repeated his call for increased profiling while Clinton focused on outreach to build trust "between law enforcement and Muslim American communities."
4:50 | 09/20/16

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Transcript for Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton Clash Over Terror
At how this all plays and race for the White House just 49 days until the final vote Donald Trump Hillary Clinton traded sharp attacks all day on turnout security. If she's Tommy Thomas is in Fort Myers, Florida where trump held a fiery rally last night good morning time. George good morning to you don't trump out with some colorful thoughts about that bombing suspect. And how he's being treated right now but it's his son Donald Trump junior who's making headlines this morning. Overnight. Don't twelve shearing this theory of white bombing suspect a mod Conroe Hamid apparently wasn't on any type of watch list. They guy over the chicken stand brought litigation a lot of litigation against different people. And I'll bet you that's why he was on no list you know he was an illicit otherwise want to welcome because they don't wanna get sued troll. Really gets raw hobby during a massive rally in Fort Myers, Florida predicting authorities would be coddling him. He will be given a fully modern and updated hospital room. And they'll probably. Even have room service knowing the way our country is the. Republican nominee blaming homegrown terror on lax policies and they did it. Only increased profiles I'm saying you're gonna have to profile to start profiling. Weakland didn't focusing her policy on outreach Kate is crucial. That we continue to build up trust between law enforcement. And Muslim American communities. And accusing trump of motivating places with his words and actions we've heard that from. Former CIA director Michael Hayden. Who made it a very clear point when he said Donald Trump is being used as eight recruiting sergeant. For the terrorists. Rolled son Don junior also getting into the debate. And drawing some fire produced wheat which reads if I had a bowl of Skittles and I told you three would kill you would you take a handful. That's our Syrian refugee problem. The tweet ignited outrage from people saying Darden junior shouldn't be comparing Syrian refugees to pieces of candy. A Clinton Campaign spokesperson responding colored it disgusting. And the more corporation with the road statement this morning via Twitter let's put up on the screen. Here's that freedom reads steals our candy refugees are people it's an inappropriate analogy. We respectfully refrain from further comment. As that could be misinterpreted as marking but George this comment those tweets are blowing up on social media hasn't. There are orchard real pattern there OK Tom thanks from our sister named John Carl from more. I'm Nancy got this tweets blowing everything you saw Donald Trump at the rally. And he and Hillary Clinton diametrically opposed positions on terror yet they're close in our poll 40% to 45. The Republicans. Always have a big advantage on the issue of terrorism going back to 9/11. Click in this race it's largely take away all ignore our poll within the margin of error. In some polls he has a slight advantage and others she has a slight advantage but they could not be more different on this Hillary Clinton. Emphasizing sober steady leadership. And Donald Trump channeling that anger that raw emotion that raw anger at terror you know why she is doing because you see a big difference on who Americans thinking handling international crisis she is a huge advantage right there. She has the big advantage on the commander in chief test. It's much closer when it's who can respond to the terrorist she's also. Carving out a different spot than bronco bomb on this it was actually see her come out before the president to condemn these attacks to brand them as terrorism before the president she's trying to find a ground between Donald Trump and Barack Obama political stories that you saw Chris Christie answers there's a trial in George Washington Bridge. Scandal a couple years back the bridge gave scandal prosecutors messing. He knew about. The traffic J&J Donald Trump standing by him. Absolutely but if you remember during the primaries George Donald Trump came out instead of course Chris Christie knew he definitely knew and he was emphatic so perhaps the person least surprised by this allegation is Donald Trump himself. He's sticking to Cristi and in doing so he's saying sticking to him because Christie is always stood by him I mean meanwhile it may be a big defection on the Republican side from Donald Trump. The but the news is coming from a member of the Kennedy camp did this is unbelievable the two most famous political families in America the Kennedys and and and the bushes. And this was Kathleen Kennedy Townsend the oldest child of Robert and Ethel Kennedy. Visit there you see your visited with the former President Bush up and made. And she says that he said he's voting for Hillary Clinton now because they think if there's no denial from the bush fatally on this the spokesperson simply says nobody overheard their conversely of course Jeb Bush has said that not happen. I think he's not voting for trumpet is not that included Miller did exactly Karl thanks very much of course the debate less than a week away. I'll be -- primetime coverage at 9 eastern with analysis from our whole political team.

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{"duration":"4:50","description":"Trump repeated his call for increased profiling while Clinton focused on outreach to build trust \"between law enforcement and Muslim American communities.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"42214594","title":"Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton Clash Over Terror","url":"/GMA/video/donald-trump-hillary-clinton-clash-terror-42214594"}