Donna Brazile's tell-all book slams the DNC party

Brazile revealed what she thought about dropping Hilary Clinton from the 2016 Democratic ticket.
5:13 | 11/05/17

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Transcript for Donna Brazile's tell-all book slams the DNC party
Now the other big political story this morning. The bombshells con and a new memoir from former DNC chair Donna Brazile. She reportedly considered replacing Hillary Clinton two months before the election. Glor Gloria Riviera is in Washington with more. Reporter: She said she thought about placing Hillary Clinton. Long-time democratic leader Donna Brazile is blasting her own party, on famings on just about every level. A doomd campaign she tried, in vain, she writes, to save. This morning, new bombshell allegations from DNC inrim chair Donna Brazile. In excertificates from her new memoir, released by "The Washington post" Brazile said she considered party insider's suggestions to put someone else on the ticket after Clinton fainted at a 9/11 event just two months before the election. Again and again, I thought about Joe Biden. Considering the historical importance of a female candidate, I could not make good on that threat to replace her. Other shocking allegations, secret deals with the DNC and fund-raising funneled to Clinton at Bernie Sanders expense. The anemic Clint campaign cut a deal with Debbie Wasserman. This was not a criminal act. She writes. But as I saw it, it compromised the paerpt's integrity. These new allegations are giving president trump fuel to attack. Brazile just stated the DNC rigged the DNC nomination. In a clip released on social media, the president telling Cheryl Atkinson this. But, what happened to Bernie Sanders with the DNC spearheaded by the Clintons, and according to the new book by Donna Brazile was horrible. Reporter: We have heard from top staffers. They responded to brazilnerks a lengthy post. Their shocked at her allegations and they don't recognize the campaign she describes in her book. Let's bring in George Stephanopoulos. I bet nonthat never thought she would have president trump promoting her book so aggressive. No, but she'll be our first guest this morning. Did she have the power as the chair of the DNC to remove Hillary Clinton from the top of the ticket? What does this story say about the state of the democratic party? Not on her own. Sorry about that. She would have had the ability to get the process in motion. And kick it over to the DNC. As she says in the book, she didn't actually move that process along. But had this period of about a day where she was speculating in her own mind, musing about who would be the best ticket to replace Hillary Clinton and Tim ca ka kaine. She said Joe Biden and Cory booker. She says they would have won the election. You see it in the reaction of Donna's book. It's a divided party. Between the establishment and grass roots. A lot of second-guessing. Recriminations over last year's campaign. Most Democrats believe it was a campaign that should have won. That was supposed to win. Got the popular vote but didn't get enough in the electoral college. Right now, the democratic party has been hollowed out under Barack Obama. There's a lot of nervousness ahead of these E elections on Tuesday, especially the Virginia governor's race. It will be interesting to see if change will come out. I want to get to the poll. Beyond his historically low poll ratings, the respondents say they don't think trump has the right temperament. Not honest. Not empathetic. Not a good dealmaker. Yet his base is holding. What? People tend to pick a team and stick with it. The president has focused all of his political attention on cultivating the base. That said, 37% is historically low. As our poll says, no other president in modern time has had numbers like that. He's got poll numbers that low at a time when the economy is basically booming. 4% unemployment. Record highs in the stock market. The presidents to be concerned about what will happen if there is any kind of economic downturn. Will the bottom fall out? George, thank you. I want to remind people. You have a big show this morning. Donna Brazile. Congressman mark meadows and congressman Peter king will weigh in on the Republican tax plan on "This week." Right here on ABC. Thank you, George. Thanks, George. A wild story involving

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{"duration":"5:13","description":"Brazile revealed what she thought about dropping Hilary Clinton from the 2016 Democratic ticket.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"50941658","title":"Donna Brazile's tell-all book slams the DNC party","url":"/GMA/video/donna-braziles-book-slams-dnc-party-50941658"}