Drew Carey, Cheryl Burke Talk 'DWTS'

The pair discusses their elimination and predictions for the rest of the season.
3:00 | 04/22/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Drew Carey, Cheryl Burke Talk 'DWTS'
It was a good night in the ballroom. But not for drew Carey and Cheryl Burke who were sent home. We're going to talk to them. ♪ I don't care ♪ Reporter: It was rockin' in the ballroom Monday, with lmfao's redfoo in for party anthem night. Meryl and Maks dominated, after their tango had a perfect score. Maks said he was insecure. I'm terrified. I'm not scared. Reporter: Danica Mckellar kept the party going with an mcafeeing cha-cha. That was -- ooh. Reporter: Nene Leakes turning in her salsa. Amy Purdy waued the judges again, for the jive that had everyone shouting. Jive is the most difficult dance for anybody to perform. I don't think I've ever seen anybody doing what you've done tonight. Reporter: And in tend, it was drew Carey's turn to bid a tearful good-bye to the ballroom. Everybody's so nice. There was a really good spirit here. And that's been the highlight, all of the people. And drew Carey and Cheryl Burke here. You got choked up thinking about the community at "Dancing with the stars." They caught me with three hours of sleep. Yeah. So many shows. "The price is right." And then, they got you. Talk about drew, his work ethic. Oh, my gosh. Hardest working guy, for sure. Shooting two shows a day, "Price is right." And we're going on the road because she's doing standup, on top of rehearsal every day. This guy, I don't know how he does it. Does "Dancing with the stars" make it into your standup routine? It started to. Some material there. I call the show, dancing with women who are way out of your league. One of your most inspiring dances we saw was inspired by your son, conner, to lose your 80 pounds. How did you do that? One of the reasons -- I had a lot of reasons to lose the weight. But one of the reasons was to see my kid graduate high school and college. I did a little math in my head. I said, I would be dead if I don't lose some weight and change my lifestyle. I had like a mild heart attack. And I had angioplasty and a stent. I wanted to see him grow up and be a man. And -- He has some game. He was trying to -- Oh, yeah. During the show. It's like -- Exactly. How old is he? Like 9 years old. You came into dancing in pretty good shape already. You didn't lose that much weight. No. People ask me how much weight I lost, like I'm fat. I lost -- the only time I lost weight was -- five pounds during quick step week. Five pounds in one week? Just the quick step. Lots of quick steps. It's murder. Hat's off to anybody who does quick step for a living. That dance will kill you. Are you picking your own outfits? Some of them are quite spectacular. I uh just bring some of them from home. Exactly. Dan was fascinated. I was. I was curious. Thinking I have to upgrade my wardrobe. You don't like my clothes? You started in good shape. You know what hurts? My legs and everything are fine. I thought that's -- I thought my hips and hurt or my knees. What hurts are my lats and my shoulders. And your ego. And my ego. I talked to James Maslow about this, too. What hurts is your shoulders from holding your arms up all the time. That's what sore all the time. Everything else is fine. I'm sorry, drew. Cheryl, I love for you to weigh in. I got confused with you. I want to say hi to conner, before we talk about it. I promised I would say hi to him. I'm sorry. Go ahead. Who do you think is going to take it? My gosh, right now, I think it will be between army and Meryl. It will be tight between them. It changes every week. But how can you not vote for Amy, honestly? What she's doing is incredible. And it brings tears to my eyes when I watch her dance. I watched the show forever. Any other season, five of the people on the show would have won. No question about it. You were a great sport. Thank you for coming in this

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"The pair discusses their elimination and predictions for the rest of the season.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"23419780","title":"Drew Carey, Cheryl Burke Talk 'DWTS'","url":"/GMA/video/drew-carey-cheryl-burke-talk-dwts-23419780"}