'Duck Dynasty' Star Hits the Runway

Sadie Robertson makes her modeling debut in prom dresses she helped create.
2:53 | 09/12/13

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Transcript for 'Duck Dynasty' Star Hits the Runway
colors, as well. First on the "gma heat index," sadie robertson gracing the runway in dresses she has created. Abc's bianna golodryga has the story. Yeah. Whoa, whoa, whoa. Whoa. Reporter: She's known for duck calls and camouflage. Now, sadie robertson of "duck dynasty" fame is going from the swamp of louisiana, to the glitz and glamour of new york's fashion week. She could rock the runway and be confident in this dress. Reporter: The 16-year-old daughter of duck commander ceo willie robertson, took to the runway. A collaboration with sherri hill. They're things that sadie enjoys wearing. Very feminine. She's an athlete. But she has a girlie side, too. Reporter: Remember last season when sadie was searching for a homecoming dress. It's too short. Reporter: Dad made her return one dress. Is there something wrong with it? Yeah. There's not enough material. Reporter: The young reality star took to designing, factoring in her dad's opinion. Telling "us weekly," she's following three simple rules when designing. It has to be long enough. Making sure her dresses are daddy-approved. And the neckline, everything modest up here. And that's something most importants can agree with. It's so important to get your parents involved in how you dress. This line is really helpful, especially with the daddy aspect. It opens up dialogue. Reporter: Now, sadie is sending a message to all young gi girls. I think this is a terrific role model. Girls who have a strong sense of self, has a good relationship with their father. Reporter: For that, sadie gets dad's approval. This is one of the actual dresses. Sadie wore it on the catwalk. It's made of duchess satin. It can be worn for prom. But brides are buying the dresses and wearing them for the receptions. That's a fun idea. We want to thank sherri hill for providing this. To keep in mind, you heard in the piece, the fingertip rule. That's something I learned as a kid. And that's what she was saying in the piece. If you put your hand down and your skirt doesn't -- you know what I mean? It has to be past your finger. If it's shorter than that, not daddy-approved. Or get it down to the knees.

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{"id":20233543,"title":"'Duck Dynasty' Star Hits the Runway ","duration":"2:53","description":"Sadie Robertson makes her modeling debut in prom dresses she helped create.","url":"/GMA/video/duck-dynasty-sadie-robertson-hits-runway-york-fashion-20233543","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}