Duck Tape's Outside-the-Box Fashion and Accessories

The duct tape maker has a NYC store and makes dresses, wallets and rings.
2:50 | 04/23/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Duck Tape's Outside-the-Box Fashion and Accessories
Duct tape this is duck tape as opposed to adopt. -- -- Brenda this camera -- -- -- so what are we we have. These cats are more dresses made entirely doesn't typically there's not an entire store in Times Square dedicated to tend to -- pop -- -- -- what do what what can you tell us about different on the road is -- fortieth and Broadway -- -- open in the hallway until Sunday -- -- -- also had -- come -- we're selling over -- 150 -- and -- a -- -- -- -- also. Are you doing this to these things and -- -- All of beautifully that we flawlessly crafted by at least that's all -- tell you absolutely all docked him 100% one offensive and I don't that'll hold up for years and good friends what do you do you -- -- more to -- -- that's really great. And as you could see the dresses those -- part of Project Runway for them there on tobacco materialized talent that's right that's the winner. Made -- Michelle Franklin commander Valentine's. He's super popular I just ask one question from -- amount that we find the burning need to have a leopard print that. Uptick -- yeah wouldn't have -- -- plus who doesn't mean left. -- -- -- -- Think about -- glory of your bed at night the school setting out right. And it's part of fashion than we're bring it to the runway. This is one of those examples and as you can see we go all the -- -- yankees started. We've giants duct tape got all the NFL -- all the NFL teams so how do candidates -- these great you're doing a brisk -- -- absolutely sense of her popular with picnics. Coming there to save people are coming in every day and they're really loving it. This -- for home. For some reason it's been just fine hospitality -- hotel doctor what do you guys I know you're talking about using duct -- far. -- like without the box thinking it would always -- in terms of home units. Com what what do you recommend music for those little expense in life you know there's lamp shades -- anything you've got -- People are just -- it's and -- -- it's unbelievable how far from the canary and the duct tape that yeah. -- one of -- -- It's gonna last forever line. -- honestly you guys that. -- -- -- -- If you look at who must. My it's been less that environment that's an office that's -- not kids feel they must love this the kids love it means. Young teenagers. It's unbelievable how much of their imagination can -- this. A little bit duct tape and a little -- imagination -- -- -- the passing. Pre teen's bedroom or anything -- -- you can just go crazy or -- they hardly -- entertainment science projects now all over the place that the -- endless possibility are all good luck to. Kevin -- even with the doctor. Like yeah yeah. -- right away and -- -- hit that dot.

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{"id":19022622,"title":"Duck Tape's Outside-the-Box Fashion and Accessories","duration":"2:50","description":"The duct tape maker has a NYC store and makes dresses, wallets and rings.","url":"/GMA/video/duck-tape-store-duct-tape-brand-makes-dresses-19022622","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}