Dwyane Wade Transforms Into Fashion All-Star

"GMA" anchors compete to dress like Miami Heat basketball player.
3:36 | 06/01/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Dwyane Wade Transforms Into Fashion All-Star
In weight is turning heads. By transforming into a fashion all star -- getting his son in on the action dressing alike Carissa I'm confident that -- -- really -- plus Iran and I both of us about fashion plates have been wondering since there's a little chance let's suiting up for the actual game. -- running my feet tall enough we figured we -- and Wayne's team his squad of fashion he says Taylor. They played in the Miami Heat -- one of the most dominant. Players in the. 31 year old six foot 4200. When he pound guard made -- name for himself when the hard court 59 time NBA all star and capturing two championship. But it's what he's wearing off the court that is catching BI of fashion -- -- and top magazines. Like uptown Esquire and GQ wade. Pushes them. Fashion envelope. Playing with the colors in France. But just like on the court fear is that -- behind and a team led by -- stylist Sally -- Barnett I think everyone respects the fact that he's willing to take the chance and do it burst out Dan and I know that we are -- fashion trend setters here at ABC news. But who would pass up a lesson from a may even so we went to coaching for a one on one with Callahan. -- -- -- -- -- Now. That's a bad that's very leg -- that Iraq's excellent. Rock star this is almost feels like a wicker basket we did manage to find a few things that we could pull off lightly putting on -- I hear -- break -- series -- that's your head into the dressing room. We just so much -- Who feels that this did okay cool -- -- -- sure -- that -- with -- definitely. Penguins have some privacy can't get out of hand it's a locked up for our first outfit -- a summary look with collars and Ron is wearing a red washed cotton canvas jacket. -- is wearing a light blue Cashmere V neck sweater with white washed cotton riding pants like kids. -- definitely I can't believe there -- And now would go time in our second outfits and professional students you know -- with -- -- that and a good one of those NASCAR's -- of -- we. Well -- -- -- to -- Danny is wearing a black and white might project marks a suit. Fraud is wearing a sapphire -- -- it will jacket and will -- any spare cash. And we tomorrow everybody better look at every day and now it's time for a poor -- GM faced down general. Yeah. I think America passed into lake who are -- If they claim that Schwarzenegger you don't yeah I had exhibit -- yeah. I -- -- men internal Maclin yes I have but -- -- -- break so we wanted to ask our people here in the studio editing control what they thought. Who won. Come on guys. Ulema I 98 NUM -- people -- it's. Where he lives like. The you know Italian. And is getting better in every single. I -- driver continued his run ended badly number problems unions he's and -- raise -- I remember when I was senator -- who --

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{"id":19304144,"title":"Dwyane Wade Transforms Into Fashion All-Star","duration":"3:36","description":"\"GMA\" anchors compete to dress like Miami Heat basketball player.","url":"/GMA/video/dwyane-wade-transforms-fashion-star-19304144","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}