Dzhokhar Tsarnaev 's Soccer Buddy: 'He Doesn't Seem Like the Type'

Bassel Nasri, who played weekly soccer games with Tsarnaev, doesn't believe he's capable of bombing.
3:00 | 04/19/13

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Transcript for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev 's Soccer Buddy: 'He Doesn't Seem Like the Type'
The phone right now bustle and Austria soccer body. Show cars at the University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth -- thank you for joining us right I -- you play soccer. Which our weekly. You -- -- -- live every Monday August employment even where the -- -- So he just didn't show up. And ignite what he wouldn't you know due to huge at the end of the demands of what was the last time he played. I will not Mondays and -- that landed him a little. Also not that long ago at all had you noticed any kind. Behavior recent executive you're the first to receive -- -- -- your hard this recently did you notice anything anything strangest behavior at all. I'm not really I think. It was just regularly he had recently got to the car back in the and he wanted to continue to -- to this -- it. Can you -- Carl was that because -- -- -- several different cars we heard about a Honda be heard about a white Mercedes. Station wagon -- It doesn't I think -- -- -- behind the civil collar. I would save blew me illuminating. Would he give -- writes frequently did you see his brother know about -- -- -- I know all he spoke no ligament in his brother and that he was using new car before. So he had just -- -- -- back from brother. All the information I really thought about whether -- What else can you tell us about his his behavior. Have a note here that says. You might -- said he was a little bit of a drug. Ultimately EL -- if you frequent that there's some marijuana. He's usually very quiet guy. That they don't speak much now but that would -- -- he -- than in any sense. -- -- soccer player that that matters. And again. When you saw no change in him because we have been trying so hard. To study that face and imagine what took him from the young man so many people told us was courteous. Peaceful and honors student. Grateful to be in America. To the suspect he is today any change perceived at all. I can really see any change at Buick what I what I -- happening what is his brother influences decision way to much. Big Brother he planned opening just told them to tag along with the. Why do you say that it looked up. -- Georgia is asking why why you say that we know we're speculating with -- at this point but why did you say that. I just thought I was don't think that he would be -- worked as a -- I just. He doesn't seem like it's I don't do such -- thing. We are echoing what so many people have sent to us this morning it is truly sorry -- -- go -- -- -- -- the Connecticut state police. We're looking for 1989 green Honda Civic with -- Massachusetts placed could that it could it have been a green Honda Center. Yes there could have been agreed to put that into the darker yeah -- -- -- -- -- a lot of both public Garcia. I think he -- -- -- -- Connecticut state police are looking for. Right now as -- we had access it seems like two several via several different cars that they attract. I didn't -- it -- access to remember BMW. One point that's what I was I'm writing and I want both of them mostly residents on the -- did a -- and no not really he says sometimes -- athletic people I really -- best -- -- And again we know from beyond of -- his father was in the auto repair business and some are parts business in some -- so we don't know if that was connected you were gonna. I -- and always consisting of it being -- car being so important in connection with this which seems like the one way he might be able to get out of the area. And so what he might -- been driving. Any indications about cars in the neighborhood you can guarantee. That any major highways and and freeways in the area. Are being closely examined by the authorities to ensure that somehow he didn't escape. The grip of law enforcement -- -- community right again -- thanks so much for joining us as we try to put together parts of this puzzle.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Bassel Nasri, who played weekly soccer games with Tsarnaev, doesn't believe he's capable of bombing.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"19000001","title":"Dzhokhar Tsarnaev 's Soccer Buddy: 'He Doesn't Seem Like the Type'","url":"/GMA/video/dzhokhar-tsarnaev-soccer-buddy-type-19000001"}