Health Officials Concerned Over Spread of Ebola Outbreak

U.S. aid groups now evacuating staff from Western Africa amid growing fears about the deadly virus.
1:41 | 07/30/14

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Transcript for Health Officials Concerned Over Spread of Ebola Outbreak
We turn to growing fears about that deadly ebola outbreak. Health officials around the world worried it could spread. U.s. Aid groups evacuating much of their staff from western Africa and our Dr. Richard Besser is tracking it all. You used to work at the CDC. They issued an alert for American doctors. That's right. They have issued an alert to all doctors in America saying be on the watch for anyone who is traveling to this region who could present with fever and this is really, really important. We have seen cases of hemorrhagic fever, not ebola but other strains similar come into the United States. They haven't spread but they were identified quickly and isolated and that's what they want to have happen. Even if it comes here we can contain it, that means. I don't think there's any chance it could spread in the U.S. But I would not be surprised if we see cases of ebola showing up here. The gentleman who flew from Liberia to Nigeria and died, if his flight had continued on, he was an American and his eventually destiny nation was the United States. There have been false alarms in Hong Kong. Officials around the world are worried. In Africa, this scourge so devastating right now. It really S these regions are really overwhelmed with this. The CDC has issued what's called a level 2 travel alert meaning you should try and avoid any of the hospitals that are caring for ebola patients, medical personnel who are going there need to take special precautions. I would not go to these regions just for casual travel. The situation now is looking very grim. There are 84 flights out of west Africa every week that end up having direct flights to the United States after. Yeah, I mean, we are so interconnected as a world and the incue base period for this disease could be up to three weeks. So someone can be healthy but infected and show up here three weeks later with the disease. ING 0, rich, thanks very much.

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{"id":24770118,"title":"Health Officials Concerned Over Spread of Ebola Outbreak","duration":"1:41","description":"U.S. aid groups now evacuating staff from Western Africa amid growing fears about the deadly virus.","url":"/GMA/video/ebola-outbreak-health-officials-concerned-spread-ebola-virus-24770118","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}