Snowden Predicts US Reaction to Leaks

The Guardian releases more of its interview with the NSA leaker.
2:33 | 07/09/13

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Transcript for Snowden Predicts US Reaction to Leaks
We're going to get the latest on edward snowden, under pressure from the u.S. He may finally be ready to move out of the no-man's land in the moscow airport. But it's not stopped him from speaking out. A new interview with "the guardian" has been released. Brian ross is tracking his every move. Reporter: This could be the week that 30-year-old snowden makes his move out of the moscow airport. Diplomats in venezuela and russia, saying they've received his request for asylum. And it's up to him to choose a flight plan. This morning, snowden remains holed up somewhere near or in Out of sight. But a high-profile problem for the u.S. Now, "the guardian" newspaper has made public, another part of the interview with the one-time nsa employee, who accurately predicted how the revelations of the surveillance programs would be received by the united states. They're going to say i committed grave crimes. Violated the espionage act. They're going to say I've aided our enemies in making them aware of these systems. Reporter: And that is exactly the case the u.S. Has been making, with the latest salvo coming from the white house monday. Again warning other countries there will be serious repercussions for any nation that helps snowden. He's been charged with a felony or felonies. As such, he should not be allowed to proceed in any further international travel, other than travel that would result in him returning to the united states. Reporter: The u.S. Says snowden has seriously hurt efforts to fight terrorism, by revealing the methods used to listen in on and track terrorists. Snowden says he did not start out opposing the programs when he went to work in the u.S. Intelligence community. I don't want to live in a world where everything this i say, everything I do, everyone i talk to, every expression of love or friendship is recorded. Reporter: Snowden most likely passed out of russia to venezuela, via the five-time-a-week flight to cuba. That flight left about an hour ago. And he was not on it, according to the personnel staking him out. Even if he gets on one, it will go over u.S. Air space. It does. And president obama says he will not scramble jets to go after the hacker. But there are things the u.S. Could do. Thanks verymuch. To amy robach in for josh, with the rest of the morning's top stories. Good morning, everyone.

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{"id":19614431,"title":"Snowden Predicts US Reaction to Leaks","duration":"2:33","description":"The Guardian releases more of its interview with the NSA leaker.","url":"/GMA/video/edward-snowden-alleged-nsa-leaker-snowden-predicts-us-19614431","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}