Mubarak Could Be Released From Jail

There are fears of more violence as the former Egyptian president could be allowed to leave prison.
1:43 | 08/22/13

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Transcript for Mubarak Could Be Released From Jail
We begin with the crisis in egypt. The key u.S. Ally on the brink of civil war. Egypt's president of 30 years could be heading home, released from prison by the new military regime. Martha raddatz is in cairo with the latest on this developing story. Good morning, martha. Reporter: Good morning, amy. Stunning events across the region here this morning. Meaning, there could be even more turmoil. This morning, hosni mubarak, egypt's former authoritarian ruler, ousted by an uprising, gets released from prison. While his democratically-elected successor is still under detention. It was february 2011, when mass protests, the so-called arab spring, forced mubarak to hand over power. Corruption and other charges. Now, with the military back in power, where mubarak once served as a general, the court is allowing the 85-year-old to return home. Although, under house arrest. He shows where we're going tow really, really bad scene right now. This is horrible. He can't do that. Reporter: Meanwhile, in nearby syria, a possible chemical weapons attack. Heart wrenching images of mothers, children, even infants. The only reasonable explanation in this case, some kind of chemical weapon. Reporter: The assad government denies the use of chemical weapon, saying it is baseless. But the u.S. Says it is deeply concerned. And the u.N. Is sent to investigate.

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{"id":20032593,"title":"Mubarak Could Be Released From Jail","duration":"1:43","description":"There are fears of more violence as the former Egyptian president could be allowed to leave prison.","url":"/GMA/video/egypt-news-president-hosni-mubarak-released-jail-20032593","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}