Egyptian PM Cites 'Exceptional Times Where Atrocities Are Committed'

Leader at the center of the crisis in Egypt talks to Martha Raddatz about the military crackdown.
1:56 | 08/21/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Egyptian PM Cites 'Exceptional Times Where Atrocities Are Committed'
And we turn, now, to the rising tensions in egypt. Our global affairs anchor, martha raddatz, joining us from cairo with an abc news exclusive. An interview with the leader at the center of the crisis, the country's new prime minister. We say good morning to you, martha. Reporter: Good morning, lara. This interview comes right as they arrested more members of the muslim brother mid, which could mean more bloodshed. More than 1,000 supporters of ousted president mohamed morsi, now dead. And now, this morning, almost all of the senior leadership of his muslim brotherhood, in custody. Including the spiritual leader, carted away by egyptian security. Egypt's prime minister told me, the leader was inciting violence. There are some accusations that he was talking, provoking hatred. Reporter: But the prime minister acknowledged the brutal crackdown could mean prolonged bloodshed, which is exactly what worries america, in a country, an ally that's been vital to the stability of this region. Are you worried that the muslim brotherhood is going to radicalize? That this will drive them problem? I think this is a risk. Reporter: And the killing of the supporters of the democratically-elected president, the prime minister compared it to the u.S. Involvement in world war ii and vietnam. There are times when atrocities are committed. But this does not mean that this is a way of life. You people went to the world second war. Reporter: A really stunning comparison. But the egyptian prime minister says he has no remorse for what has happened here. George? Not turning back. Martha, thanks very much.

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{"id":20020918,"title":"Egyptian PM Cites 'Exceptional Times Where Atrocities Are Committed'","duration":"1:56","description":"Leader at the center of the crisis in Egypt talks to Martha Raddatz about the military crackdown.","url":"/GMA/video/egypt-news-prime-minister-interview-cites-exceptional-times-20020918","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}