Former NY Gov. Eliot Spitzer Returns to Politics

After resigning office because of a sex scandal, Eliot Spitzer is running for NYC comptroller.
2:14 | 07/09/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Former NY Gov. Eliot Spitzer Returns to Politics
Politicians are proving f. Skots fitzgerald wrong all the time. Eliot spitzer, now running for office again, control of new york city. Abc's claire shipman has the story. Reporter: A new political lesson for eliot spitzer, infamy might work to his advantage. It brought the new york governor crowds he couldn't imagine, before his prostitution scandal cost him his job in 2008. A long way from this day. I am deeply sorry I did not live up to what was expected of me. I am resigning from the office of governor. Reporter: Maybe he was feeling left out after watching formerly disgraced congressman, now extremely serious new york mayoral candidate, anthony weiner, not only jump in the race but hit a three-way tie in the polls. I have a lot of work to do to reearn the trust of the voters and my colleagues in governors. Reporter: And starring love-lorne rosario and carolina governor, mark sanford. The bottom line is, I've been unfaithful to my wife. Reporter: Voters didn't care. They recast him as a member of congress, with the other woman, now his fiancee, proudly at his side. I want to acknowledge, not just second chances. But third, fourth, fifth -- Reporter: It's becoming a time-honored ritual. Think former president bill clinton, among others. I did not have sexual relations with that woman, miss lewinsky. I had a relationship with miss lewinsky that was not appropriate. In fact, it was wrong. Reporter: Why are e penting bad boys so appealing? They can seem more human. Personal family versus a public or professional family, someone being caught with their hand in the till, different than somewhere it shouldn't be outside of marriage. Reporter: We don't want to suggest that a sex scandal is a good political strategy. And silda spitzer who was at his size when he resigned, a notable no-show. Not clear if she'll be involved at all.

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{"id":19614475,"title":"Former NY Gov. Eliot Spitzer Returns to Politics","duration":"2:14","description":"After resigning office because of a sex scandal, Eliot Spitzer is running for NYC comptroller.","url":"/GMA/video/eliot-spitzer-returns-politics-run-nyc-comptroller-19614475","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}