Mark Cuban on 'Shark Tank' Emmy Nod: 'It's Crazy'

The star of the reality show says the nomination was unexpected.
1:48 | 07/18/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Mark Cuban on 'Shark Tank' Emmy Nod: 'It's Crazy'
On the phone right now we have Mark Cuban who got a Emmy nominee -- or love shark tank at your marriage shall we love you good morning I'm Margaret how are you guys are -- -- -- -- -- Sunny day for mark given how does -- -- mark. We are -- I mean we've talked about hopefully getting an Emmy nomination but. No one really expected it though he did it governs best sell and distribute all the hard work about all of the buses that the producers. The -- -- -- -- these amazing. You know what that's -- sounding like an acceptance speech you need to keep that in mind and I got any ideas of Lara Spencer mark let me ask you how do you talk to any of your -- -- -- -- -- talk to the producers. About how you all celebrate and what -- do around the Emmys. No actually -- I didn't even opens because you guys called me this morning -- -- was good -- -- -- even out those. I mean let's get the -- anybody -- -- overall Belgrade. Well it's a service market we offer a few people the Good Morning America wake up call I have got so we thought we know -- Could he Dolly deliver -- -- how how many seasons now in the -- and what do you think this means for the future. Well -- what -- we just started filming season Bardem. Then you hope it keeps on getting better advantage of the response has been amazing. -- -- wonder future it on television that the ratings be bombarded offers spot you -- and let us. Both exciting and and then operated by the -- Here is going to be an even -- -- the next season don't let you -- you always do what happened. While we're -- -- mark congratulations. Don't worry about that competition. You now shark tank there is no commentary not burgers and are putting -- -- that. All right thank god I really appreciate it thank you -- if you want the -- wake up call tomorrow just let us now.

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{"id":19701588,"title":"Mark Cuban on 'Shark Tank' Emmy Nod: 'It's Crazy'","duration":"1:48","description":"The star of the reality show says the nomination was unexpected.","url":"/GMA/video/emmy-nominations-2013-mark-cuban-interview-shark-tank-19701588","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}