Backstage at the Emmy Awards

Bryan Cranston takes home best actor, while "Modern Family" wins three Emmys.
2:30 | 08/26/14

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Transcript for Backstage at the Emmy Awards
red carpet and change, Chris Connelly was behind the scenes as well catching up with the big stars from TV. "Scandal," "Modern family," you name it. He got the scoop on how they took in the big night. Chris. Reporter: Lara, surprisingly enough just getting here in Monday traffic was a big topic. Stars from "Orange is the new black" and "House of cards" shared a party bus and jimmy Kimmel as you heard took a subway. Once they got here everybody seemed to enjoy the first nonweekend Emmy date in two decades. With Emmy on a weeknight the red carpet seemed surprisingly chill. I feel like wearing a spa atmosphere, feels very relaxed. Reporter: Will you place cucumber slices on your eyes during the show. Yeah a spa with no couches. Reporter: Laverne cox savored her special moment. What's it like to be here? It's a dream come true. It's something I've dreamed about my whole life. Reporter: "Orange in the new awesome." This is my homage to "Orange is the new black." Orange is on the new black. Reporter: Backstage Stephen Colbert soon to take over David Letterman's chair enjoyed a last moment of Emmy love for "The Colbert Report." Does this feel like a special valedictory. At least a salute tri. When she won hers Sarah Silverman was a little unprepared. You had no shoes on. I was settled in. I was a little nervous because it was my category and they called my name. Reporter: Winning is even nicer when it happens again and again. Ask the producer of five-time best comedy series "Modern family." We have a little tradition. Everybody stays out very lit tonight and party it up then we always celebrate with a hangover lunch of cheese burgers and milk shakes. Reporter: Then figuring out where to put your Emmy, that's Julianna Margulies' issue. I have to ask my 6-year-old where to put it. Is it a trophy. He does talk like that. Reporter: Emmy's buzz can't last forever as Stephen Colbert's young son John knows too well. When do you have to go back to school? In a week. It's not going to be fun. Reporter: You know, Emmy may be over but back to school is alive and well. Oh, indeed, indeed. I loved hearing from everybody. Great job out there, Chris. Hey for even more coverage of the Emmy awards including some surprises and snubs go to on Yahoo! Time for our daddy/daughter

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{"duration":"2:30","description":"Bryan Cranston takes home best actor, while \"Modern Family\" wins three Emmys.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"25126285","title":"Backstage at the Emmy Awards","url":"/GMA/video/emmys-2014-backstage-awards-25126285"}