'Emoji Movie' star Patrick Stewart describes awkward emoji text exchange with LeVar Burton

Maya Rudolph, Patrick Stewart and Jake T. Austin discuss the highly anticipated new film "The Emoji Movie," live on "GMA."
4:32 | 07/17/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Emoji Movie' star Patrick Stewart describes awkward emoji text exchange with LeVar Burton
Just chatting with these guys, emotions or emojis running very high here in times square this morning. It is world emoji day and the cast of the brand-new "The emoji movie" with us. Maya Rudolph, sir Patrick Stewart and Jake T. Austin. Welcome to the madness. Thank you. Isn't it fabulous. I like sitting in the street. Everybody loves their emojis, right? So we'll give you your first peek of the film. Here's a little clip. If Alex chooses you -- Should you be so lucky. Your cube will light up. Oh. It's show time. The scanner will scan you and that scan will get sent right up to Alex's text box and let me tell you, guys, there's nothing like getting scanned for the first time. You're going to love it. I see what you did there. So as you can probably guess Maya plays the smiler. Yes. Jake, you play a little boy. Yes. And you play -- do we have a picture of who sir Patrick plays. Oh, there it is. Just a quick picture. Yeah. The movie -- He has a maim. He does and you're welcome to say it. I'd like to hear you say it. I know you would. We're talking about -- I'll try to make it through this without saying it but I love that kind of humor so could go either way. The movie is about -- it's a sweet story about finding out who you really are but an emoji fail and I know you have experienced them and wanted you to share with us your story. I've had a few fails using emojis. Sorry to say. Usually when you text somebody and you don't double-check, I was texting my girlfriend one time and using just emojis to try to say how I was feeling in that moment. Always risky. And texted somebody I was doing a scene with and definitely wasn't the person that I wanted to convey those emotions to so a little awkward. Trying to wonder what emojis you were using. It was -- Lots of roses. I was trying to be romantic and it just fell flat. Emoji fail. Emoji fail. I understand even sir Patrick has had an emoji fail. Yeah, very recently. Only last week, I was having a text exchange with my dear, wonderful, brilliant friend lavar Burton and the last one I sent, I decided wouldn't it be cute to sign off with my own personal emoji in this film. Poop. So I did. Silence in response to this and it was only after a while I realized maybe I had given offense. Yes. That I was saying you are or don't you know I am and anyway, you've got to be very clear about the potency of your emoji. That's the theme that happens. Maya, you're the center and play the smiler. And you can almost feel you smiling. You were -- and you said that. That while you were in the booth, voicing this. I had to -- I had to smile the entire time I was doing it which is actually very difficult to smile that much while you're talking. Because you're just so happy. Yeah, it's a little intense. It's a little intense to talk like that the whole time you're talking. It's sort of like -- it feels like these muscles go to sleep. Then your character isn't quite so happy but you still are -- She's like all the emojis in the movie, she's meant to be what you see so -- But there's more? Smiling all the time but there's more. There's definitely more. We're spying because somebody just had a birthday and wanted to celebrate it with you. Sir Patrick, do we have a little treat for -- can we say happy birthday to sir Patrick Stewart. Get a picture of the cupcakes we chose for you and right in the middle. There you go. There you go. Lovely. Thank you so much. The little one is just for you. You guys, it was great fun having you. The movie is a blast. Fun to see the emojis that all of us have started to use so much as part of our lives come to life in a really great way so thank you very much. Thank you. Happy birthday. Happy birthday. Thank you. Great job, Maya, great job, Jake.

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{"duration":"4:32","description":"Maya Rudolph, Patrick Stewart and Jake T. Austin discuss the highly anticipated new film \"The Emoji Movie,\" live on \"GMA.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"48673689","title":"'Emoji Movie' star Patrick Stewart describes awkward emoji text exchange with LeVar Burton","url":"/GMA/video/emoji-movie-star-patrick-stewart-describes-awkward-emoji-48673689"}