Enter the 'GMA' Time Machine and Lose 10 Years in 60 Minutes

Super stylist Gretta Monahan gives "GMA" fan Nitza Lipp an amazing makeover.
3:00 | 03/27/14

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Transcript for Enter the 'GMA' Time Machine and Lose 10 Years in 60 Minutes
viewers. The moment of truth the we want to show you mitza entering the time machine and promised her we'd help her lose the years, 10 years and we'll see what you think about that and gave our team a challenge of doing it in 60 seconds, headed by Gretta Monahan and we'll do the big reveal but first Sara Haines with mitza's story. Reporter: The glitz and glamour of beautiful actresses, mitza like so many women loves looking at it. Reading about it. But for years the San Diego woman says she left the primping and beautifying to others. I just put on first thing in my closet. I never do my hair. It's always up in a ponytail. Reporter: A two-time cancer survivor, mitza says health struggles have taken a toll on her spirit and appearance. Within the last year, I have been told constantly that I look like my sister's mother. I've been told I look like my mom's sister. It's very difficult. Sometimes I start crying. Reporter: Passers-by we spoke with agreed. Her looks are deceiving. How old do you think she looks. 69. 56. 59. Reporter: Her real age, not 59 but 49. Now cancer-free mitza's me to our beauty dream team is to help her look as full of life on the outside as she feels on the inside. I'm just really looking forward to having the way I feel inside which is full of life and ready to live, I'm ready to show my outside connected to my inside. I want them both to be at the same level. The moment of truth has arrived. The countdown clock is Nero zero joins by her sister Carla. So excited to see her sister for the first time and our beauty dream team. Were they successful? I know they were. Here is a last look at mitza before she entered the time machine. Everybody say it with me. Lose 10 years and Gretta, ultimate time machine. Mitza, come on out. Take a look at yourself. No crying. Do you love it? Yes. Mitza. Oh, my gosh, yes. Mitza, what do you love the most? My hair, my makeup, the clothes, there's nothing I don't love. Why did you want to make this happen for your beautiful sister? She is an amazing person. She has done so much and so deserving of this and I thank everybody because she's just such a beautiful person. We're so happy to do it for you, mitza, Carla. Thank you. Great job, everybody. The black dress. Macy's hooked us up. A formfitting dress because you had to get reacquainted with her body and bright accessories. Accessories to really show it off and the dream team did amazing. Angela, joey, Dr. Rosen, fantastic job again. Number one piece of takeaway -- Makeup face-lift. You don't need to go under the knife. Makeup face-lift. Great piece of advice and joey, eyebrows are everything. Good defined arch and lifts the whole eye and contributes to her look. Well, you guys have done it again. It is remarkable. Mitza. Beautiful. Thank you, thank you. I feel great. I feel like I left 14 years of cancer in there. It's gone. Close that door. You're staying right here in 2014. Well, thank you to our dream team. Everybody check out our website. Great tips for you to take 10 years off of your looks at goodmorningamerica.com on Yahoo! Thanks again, everybody. Whoo!

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{"id":23080098,"title":"Enter the 'GMA' Time Machine and Lose 10 Years in 60 Minutes","duration":"3:00","description":"Super stylist Gretta Monahan gives \"GMA\" fan Nitza Lipp an amazing makeover.","url":"/GMA/video/enter-gma-time-machine-lose-10-years-60-23080098","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}