Epic Selfies Around the World

One man captured some amazing moments as he traveled through 36 countries in 600 days.
1:09 | 05/13/14

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Transcript for Epic Selfies Around the World
And that there are two words that we know that are in and heavy usage right now. They'd have to be at -- and -- -- then we hear those a lot of -- over the next hill. And perhaps later today -- -- we have a truly -- self -- take a look at this incredible video that captures 600 -- around the world. Alex to -- is on a modern motorcycle he diaries the trip visiting 36 countries and capturing it all we'll go pro camera. At the end of the stick so he -- well over a 100000 miles crossing over 75 borders. Focusing on some of the most remote places in the world on Alex's web site -- -- interactive map of all of this travels from Alaska to Argentina. South Africa in the fall so this guy has done it all and I'd -- my of those. The Oprah fixated on the idea I have not so I did actually in the fall which is kind of funny lap and it it captures. Especially with travel the most brilliant images that's -- Ash and I don't think -- up -- -- -- while I mean that's fantastic it's beautiful need to steal these places in a panoramic weigh in and live like -- have to -- -- --

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{"id":23695357,"title":"Epic Selfies Around the World","duration":"1:09","description":"One man captured some amazing moments as he traveled through 36 countries in 600 days.","url":"/GMA/video/epic-selfies-world-23695357","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}