'ER' Star Returns to Small Screen in 'Zero Hour'

Anthony Edwards reveals why he decided to return to television after a 10-year hiatus.
3:25 | 02/13/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'ER' Star Returns to Small Screen in 'Zero Hour'
Back, no with anthony edwards. It's been a decade, I can't believe it, since "e.R." And anthony is back with a suspense suspenseful, new show called "zero hour." It used to be black and white. Now, you're in color. It's crazy. Welcome back. We used to watch you every week. And this show looks really exciting. It's one part mystery. One part conspiracy. And antiques. I saw antique clocks. I'm so excited. Yeah. They created all of these clocks for it. It's fun. It's a show -- I read the pilot. And I couldn't believe that abc wanted to do something this big. It's a really big story. The exciting part for me is we're telling the story over the next 13 episodes. What starts on television tomorrow is a big mystery that we're going to solve by may. You're not going to us along. You're going to give us a resolution to this mystery. And hopefully there will be these 13-episode arcs with a new mystery? As a result, we don't have have to hold back. We can tell new, exciting reveals every week. I want to show everybody a clip of "zero hour."'S called -- I think it's on abc. It is. It is. I believe it is. "Zero hour," everybody. Here's a sneak peek. I can't get in. Hold on. Talk to me. Call the police. Don't ask. Just get them to langley's shop now. I'm on my way. Can you hear me? They're breaking in. What's going on? I'll be there in ten minutes. Layla? Layla? I'm stressed out already. I'm in. Josh is in. We are in. I'm like bruce willis' awkward brother. Didn't make the action movie. I'm going to try. You are going to try. You've been spending some great time, I understand, when not making it. You have great quality time as dad and husband. We left "e.R." And moved to new york with all of the kids. One of the great adventures, we took the kids out of school for a year. And we took two teachers with us and went around the world. It was a real dream come true. What a treat if you can do it. You can't get it back, that time. People say they never regret the time they spent with their kids when they were little. Yeah. I already cried here today on the wonderful story about -- about robin. The team robin, team hillary. That was wonderful. And you were with us doing work for sandy. Hurricane sandy relief. Hit hard here. Now, we'll see much more of you. Wednesday nights. Enjoy. I'm excited. It starts tomorrow night. And this is like a buckle-up. But you were saying, this is a sit and watch with your whole family. Even though it's tense, there's no gory. Just really strong mystery and suspense. Antique clocks. A lot of antiquing. We'll explain. You'll understand. I understand. Anthony edwards, everybody. What a day on "gma." Thank you. Thank "zero hour" premieres tomorrow

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{"id":18489396,"title":"'ER' Star Returns to Small Screen in 'Zero Hour'","duration":"3:25","description":"Anthony Edwards reveals why he decided to return to television after a 10-year hiatus.","url":"/GMA/video/er-star-anthony-edwards-returns-small-screen-hour-18489396","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}