Eric Stonestreet, Dak Prescott team up to fight cancer

The "Modern Family" actor and Dallas Cowboys quarterback appear live on "GMA" to discuss their new initiative supporting cancer research.
5:16 | 06/28/17

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Transcript for Eric Stonestreet, Dak Prescott team up to fight cancer
We're bringing out two guests. People will want to take their picture incredible here in times square with us. You know one from "Modern family" and the other in the Dallas cowboys. He's the qb, please welcome Eric Stonestreet and dak Prescott. Imagine you. Are you awake. Yeah, I am. Hey, George, good to see you. You're killing it. What? You're killing it. Good to see you again. How are you doing? Thank you. Hello. Have you been here since we had the live out kwaens. No. It's so exciting. Hi, everyone. Can they say hi back. They're here for me. Not you. Oh. Wow, wow. You guys are old friends. We are. We are, yeah, now we are. Tell us what brought you together. Ready, raise, rise. Yeah, it's a campaign I've been fortunate enough to work with three years and this year we brought in dak and tia because we know a cancer diagnosis takes a community of people to support that person. My mom was a two-time -- is a two-time cancer survivor. And you know I lost my grandpas both to cancer and uncle. Dak had his own personal journey so important to lend my name and face to cancer groups and immunooncology is one of the most exciting things in cancer research. That's my mom and that's what the ready, raise, rise campaign is about, bring ago wareness to immunooncology. How did you get involved? Similar to Eric. Losing my mom only a sophomore in college only 20. Cancer is near and dear to my thoughts. Anything going on with immuno-oncology is to honor my mom. This is another situation of using my platform. Oh, nice picture. Awareness to all Americans affected by this devastating disease. The message we want and tia and bms and ready, raise, rise want to say, a cancer diagnosis is a serious thing, obviously it can be very bad but it's not the cancer diagnosis it used to be thanks to things like immuno-oncology and what we're working for is making cancer for manageable, survivable for the patient and that's why they can go -- people can go there and raise a flag for someone been affected by cancer, a caregiver, whomever and bms will donate $150,000. For advocacy groups. Reading that your beautiful mom two-time cancer survivor was actually the inspiration for your character on "Modern family." She was back in the beginning. You know, I needed sort of a portal into the character I never played a character like cam before. I played a lot of murderers. You didn't know that about me, did you? I didn't see that coming. Yeah, you should. Anyway so I needed a way in and there was a specific line in the original pilot of the script that didn't actually end up making it into the first episode of "Modern family" of cam walking into a room -- oh, no, it did make it in. Where I walk into a room and go, oh, my gosh, do you love it and I was like where have I heard people say that before and it was sort of my mom's version of like, whoa, I made Christmas cookies. Do you love them? That's cam right there. That's what I used and that's where it started. Really quickly, I know you're a football fan. Kansas City. Any impressions of the NFL offensive rookie of the year, Mr. Dak Prescott? He's heard me say it before. I am a massive football fan. I'm a Kansas City chiefs fan but I love -- that's another thing he and I have in common our pure athletic ability. And that's why -- that's why we came together, right? But chiefs play Dallas -- November 5th. And I told him in the interview that I root for him to have a very healthy game and throw -- put up 400 yards and no touchdown, I'm fine with that. You're going to meet my friends, Eric berry and meet my friends Justin Houston, Tom -- I've got friends. You've got friends. I got friends too, Ezekiel Elliott. Dez. I don't want to hear about them. I' already nervous. Last time I saw you women's final four. Hail state. I didn't bring out the cow bell but you went to Mississippi state and here cheering it on in Dallas there that was awesome just to be there in Mississippi state to make it that far. The big David versus goliath knocking down UConn. I know the women were excite sfwld was that almost a Mississippi state -- Just a little. Just a little mix. Nice too that Jess taught you everything you know. As quarterback. You know what, you're welcome. Appreciate it. But, guys, thank you. Thank you very much. Thank you very much. Thank you guys, thanks. For more information about this amazing campaign you can visit ready, raise,

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{"duration":"5:16","description":"The \"Modern Family\" actor and Dallas Cowboys quarterback appear live on \"GMA\" to discuss their new initiative supporting cancer research. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"48316976","title":"Eric Stonestreet, Dak Prescott team up to fight cancer","url":"/GMA/video/eric-stonestreet-dak-prescott-discuss-project-cancer-research-48316976"}