Face Fitness Could Help Keep You Looking Young

Skin Gym in New York City helps tone, sculpt and stretch your facial muscles.
2:39 | 01/22/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Face Fitness Could Help Keep You Looking Young
fist. That was double fisting. A workout giving new meaning to the term face-lift. It's fitness for your face and some are saying this could be the secret to keeping your skin looking younger. Sara Haines is here and tried it out and joins us with the scoop. I sure did for as many hours as I've spent in the gym this is a muscle group I flat out ignored. Authorized to put my best face forward it's time to work. These are for you. Reporter: We've come a long way from the leg warmer wearing days of stepping our way to skinny. Jumping jacks. Reporter: Today workouts look a bit more like this. Go. Reporter: With specialty classes for your core, arms, abs and booty. But what do we so often neglect? The face. And let's face it. When it cops to fitness, almost none of us think of dead-lives for eyebrows. One, two, three, go. Reporter: But at skin gym in New York City, toning, sculpting and treving your facial muscles is the goal. Can you really call this a workout? Yeah, it's a workout but we do it for you. Reporter: The face fitness workout is complete with a warm-up, interval resistance training and, uh-huh, a cooldown. Just like exercise for the body. So if you work out your body regularly and routinely you see positive benefits and the same principles apply to the muscles of the face. Reporter: It starts with 15 minutes of circuit training at the face fit wall. One, two, three. Reporter: Then a 30-minute massage with some rather interesting moves. So is my face going to be skinnier or younger? Well, skinny in a different way. My cheeks carry a little extra heft if you know what I mean so if you could focus on the cheeks. Three, two, one. Reporter: Okay, so maybe I look a bit ridiculous. Push down. Down two. Good, three. Four. Reporter: But let's not forget it's all in the name of fitness. Oh. Because I'm not going down alone. Let me show my pretty ladies. Put your hands and resist and try to nod down. No, open it up a little more. That was a joke. I love a friend that trusts me. The whole point is getting your muscles stimulated because they rejuvenate with collagen. Everything you -- you always -- It is. I feel like I'm creating wrinkles. Getting blood in the face which yogis do when doing headstands. I'm an expert. I feel younger already. Ginger is here. Not only exercising our faces

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{"duration":"2:39","description":"Skin Gym in New York City helps tone, sculpt and stretch your facial muscles. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"28398359","title":"Face Fitness Could Help Keep You Looking Young","url":"/GMA/video/face-fitness-young-28398359"}