'The Facts of Life' Cast Reunites in Hallmark Movie

Lisa Whelchel and Kim Fields share what it was like working together again after so many years.
5:17 | 07/16/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'The Facts of Life' Cast Reunites in Hallmark Movie
Let's get right to this, though. We've been so excited to talk about these gals. They stole our hearts as tootie and Blair in the hit '80s sitcom "The facts of life" and now all grown up and back together in hallmark's new romantic comedy called "For better or for worst," so excited to talk with Lisa and Kim but let's take a stroll down memory lane. ? You take the good you take the bad you take them both and there you have the facts of life ? They grew up before our eyes in the iconic '80s show "The facts of life" about four boarding school friends. Oh! Navigating their way through adolescence. Lisa Whelchel played popular Blair Warner. I had another one of my great ideas. Reporter: Kim fields played tootie Ramsey. We are in trouble. Reporter: Teaming up for "For better or for worst" giving love a second chance. What about Marco? What about Marco? You light up whenever he's in the room. That's what about Marco. We were simply discussing the kids. I have seen the way you look at him -- come on. Tell me it's about some darn kids. All right. Lisa Whelchel, Kim fields joining us live now. Good morning to both of you. So good to see you. I was saying I feel like I know you. It's been such a pleasure watching your show for all these years. Are you surprised how connected we all are to it? I think so. Not in a bad pat ourselves on the back kind of way but the fans have always let us know over the decades how much the show has meant to them, their children growing up or their children's children. Because we are old. Their children's children. You guys look fantastic and I know -- Thank you. You are back together again. Tell us how this came to be "For better or for worst." I was sent the script and I've been sent a lot of scripts to do some family friendly shows or faith-based and sometimes they're so cheesy but this one was so cute and I'd like to be a part of it and not hit you over the head with some crazy moral -- just a great romantic comedy and when they said they would hire Kim to play my friend, it was, okay, I will weigh do that for free. How was it? Was it sort of like riding a bike again. Sure, absolutely. Very much like riding a bike. Very much like, you know, Lisa's just a wonderfully talented woman plain and simple so to be able to work with her again and we're grown now so it's not like there was a whole lot of sameness from when we were young are but certainly very comfortable. And how about for you having just had baby quincy three months was it before flipping starred. Yeah, three months before filming started and it was very relaxing and to that end, you know, a lot of types especially as actresses we're very pressured to, you know, get the baby weight off and got to do this and got to do that and it was like, you know what, I am comfortable in my skin right now. I get to do this movie. It's spring break so Sebastian can also come and, you know, just really enjoy it That's awesome. Let's get to "The facts of life" and share with you something very special. Let's roll it, guys. Lisa, kimmy, it's Charlotte. Well, I'm looking forward to you both being on this hallmark movie this weekend. I'm aquiver with anticipation. Oh. I know you'll be brilliant and I love you. Mwah. Oh. Oh. So sweet. Hi, Charlotte. I love you. What a sweet, special surprise. Thank you. Do you all keep in touch? Absolutely. You got a selfie. I just had lump with her just a couple of weeks ago and just took a selfie. No big deal. On my Twitter account and just went viral. I mean, Mrs. Garrett, she'll always be. Oh, yeah. To all of us. How about the rest of the gang? I keep in touch with everybody. Very much so. I mean, you know, we're blessed to work with really great people in our career, you know, from other projects we've done doing "Living single" and other projects for me so working with great people is a mandate for me. Says something about how you are. Well said, Kim. You just don't so definitely keep up with them and now with social media and things it's a lot easier to send baby pictures and, you know, get updates and things like that. We don't have a ton of time but want to do this because our producers created a game for better or worse -- it's a quiz. No, that's your movie. Facts of set life. Answer and raise a paddle. Whose dressing room should be declared a disaster area back in the day? I was always asleep. Yeah, she was asleep. Everybody -- you all were neat. Reading or sleeping. Last one, who was the director's pet? On the movie? "Facts of life." I would say Nancy. Nancy, Nancy Mckeon. I studied directing so I was always up under the directing so I'm going to go with me. I love it. We could spend all day with you. It's great to see. You this is so fun. I like these. You're welcome to bring them home. A parting gift. A gift to our viewers "For better or for worst" premieres on the Hallmark Channel this Saturday night. We thank you so much. Thanks for being with us.

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{"duration":"5:17","description":"Lisa Whelchel and Kim Fields share what it was like working together again after so many years.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"24580404","title":"'The Facts of Life' Cast Reunites in Hallmark Movie","url":"/GMA/video/facts-life-cast-reunites-hallmark-movie-24580404"}