Does Faith Help Bring the Nation Together?

Three religious leaders discuss the role of religion during the holidays.
5:07 | 12/25/16

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Transcript for Does Faith Help Bring the Nation Together?
It is Christmas morning in what has been a turbulent devices and at times. Violence here joining us to talk about the meaning of this day and the holidays in general during these times. Three faith leaders after serene Jones president of the Union Theological Seminary here New York. Rabbi Joshua Davidson of New York's temple Emmanuel and imam Abdel Ghani banging out yet. Imam and director of Muslim center of New York thank you all for being here really appreciate it and happy holidays to all three of you you. As we sit here on this Christmas morning and as we head into night two of Chanukah I wonder which you would. Like our viewers to be contemplating start we've viewed him. Well you're right it's been such do this is violent troubling year and as we walk into the holidays. It's not as if all that's gone away. Man here we are getting ready to celebrate and what does it mean does he celebrating in the midst of that. And I'm always reminded as I go in Q as a Christian. Into Christmas. That. It happens on December 25 not because Jesus was born on December 25 but because it's the celebration. Ancient. Rhythms that have to do with light coming into the darkness of winter. And the original story of Christmas. Could be a story surrounded by the headlines of today is a story. Of two parents. Unwed mother. Their displace. Their refugees. They're immigrants literally who don't have any papers. And they have been told by the state that they have to go to a city to be registered to be legal. And they get on their course and they travel. Far far from the people they know and they end up in a barn. Not because barns are like look nice romantic places to have babies like we like to do in our little questions because they can't find any other place to sleep. Mean it is a desperate moment for these two people she's having a baby in hey. And yet. In the case surrounded by animals. With strange people all around them that they don't know who've come to be friends. This baby. Comes into the world. And cross ice and life. Not just for Joseph and Mary and the people there but in the story. It's the cry of life for all people. As an incredible story. It is indeed grab what would you like people to be contemplating history as I said as we head into at night to a Chanukah. Thank stand I think Connick. And speaks to us with similar intent. In three ways. First I'd say that. It reminds each of us who are. Religious ethnic racial minorities in this country that we ought to celebrate our uniqueness. Second it reminds. All of us that. Groups can lift up which makes them different from others and it's still. Be committed to the values that are America. And finally it. In this time of the darkening days and in the world which. Is dark when trouble in this country divided the reminds us that. Darkness can be dispelled by a single flame and that each of us has the opportunity to be that flame. To stand up for justice and what's right make the world better for our place and it. Imam Abdel Ghani and we're hearing a lot of that the troubles in the world right now. What role do you think faith can play to heal these wounds. Thank you for bring you know here. And that I seed faith is the only solution. For every single person. When we see that all of the doors are closed. It's only darkness killing everywhere. And depression and start playing a big billion dollar life people even stock committed society. The only way for you used to get back to god and asking for help. And he's their only one. Who's going to be able to help you know people fate when they inspire people would this be could definitely help them. You just mentioned what's happening right now in Syria. There is no other way but only believe in god did there's two more would be better. Although you may not see it in LA what we have hoping god that he's able to change anything and eighty mormons and any time. And I think the chance specially we're talking about the birth of Jesus and we believe and it smashing the crime which he was born in America those who ate. God is able to do miracles whenever he won't do what he wanted a he moment. So we do have have that hope in god that yes he's able to do it but we just also have to be part to fit. I want to thank operator for joining us thank you aren't we really appreciate it.

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{"duration":"5:07","description":"Three religious leaders discuss the role of religion during the holidays. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"44391122","title":"Does Faith Help Bring the Nation Together?","url":"/GMA/video/faith-bring-nation-44391122"}