Family Fears Missing Groom Drowned

Gregory MacIntosh, 28, disappeared the night of his bachelor party, two weeks before his wedding.
3:00 | 02/05/14

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Transcript for Family Fears Missing Groom Drowned
A possible connection in Saskatoon Saskatchewan between a man who went missing after his bachelor party at a person last seen on the ice that freezing river. 28 year old Gregory miles Macintosh was celebrating his upcoming wedding at a local bar with friends -- was last seen by them around midnight. Not long after that a man was he knocking on the ice around the edges of the south Saskatchewan river. So far police are investigating this as two separate incidents -- family members of the bride to be are losing hope. -- -- and I heard it. I was unfortunately pretty convinced there's just the timing was just too. To close that is holding onto that thought than normal you know the last place he was seen was undecided there -- and he was. This -- walked in on that side of the river lake. There's no way that he could ever walked across there and no he didn't have money he couldn't have gone across there mackintosh and his fiancee were supposed to be married today after Valentine's Day.

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{"id":22382420,"title":"Family Fears Missing Groom Drowned","duration":"3:00","description":"Gregory MacIntosh, 28, disappeared the night of his bachelor party, two weeks before his wedding.","url":"/GMA/video/family-fears-missing-groom-drowned-22382420","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}