Family Welcomes Grandmother Who Received Their Daughter's Heart

The family of Brooke Dawkins want to raise awareness about organ donation.
7:55 | 03/01/16

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Transcript for Family Welcomes Grandmother Who Received Their Daughter's Heart
The news. Our guest is the spirit about it it. There are drawn to her and he. Was Kennard around the. She changed around chin and around. And everybody's friend she's the chair later this year. Now you're. Check caring for people that you know it was magical. Didn't and I was John Dean found. The country well it's. And when I was coming back up a hill to my house. Ice started feeling. Like a super having us and then it was like. I couldn't breathe very well. Up tires. The left and check called. Was that working off. I move. Highways. Not doing well I and a few weeks to me being a month to land. I did not think I was going to lift. Passes. Can. She was her best friend and she had a lot of friends were her best friend at different periods and. I think award she won describes it benefited from his most unforgettable. She still is Menem. Sober report was severely injured. She had been struck by a caller. She had any fairly significant head injury political traumatic brain injury. Unfortunately her injuries were so severe. That there was there was no way for us news and kept the pressure off of her brain cancer she continued to have on going injury to a brain and ultimately. She became what we call brain and blood pressure to a brain ceased. And and she passed. When we knew there was no chance for recovery. Laura approached the hospital staff and said we would. Like to donate Russians if we can Brooke. Was always the type that cared deeply about her friends and it was. We know it was something she would want to do. Many times families bring it up to us. Today. We're looking for sense of closure they're looking for something good to come out of just to devastating situation. A nurse came in at twelfth earned me. In the morning and asked if I remnant. To be seen through its heart. Quarks. Much. Parts have to be transplanted fairly quickly. And so we lose time you know every minute of the plane is flying. So I mean obviously news very high on the waiting list. Desk work. After I had this. Parents. In need drugs tires. The into the same thing at a site. You know adaptors asked me how that I feel him. You like Capcom three. Can train thinking and how well simple thing like. Good. I'll never forget this giant. I'm. It was. So sincere so lumping so warm so what's wrong. Cedar for the first time in and getting to hug her and Phil Brooks park. He's very. Emotion and countless. I never match before Beauchamp Feagles so go and and I feel like they weren't touching my heart that they were feeling. I sense that. I felt and he did on. It's a feeling that's kind of hard to explain and I felt immediately like we were related to see what can come out of this. The beauty of Carol and her family just. Then that image of Lauren her hugging never leave my break below was of them online design and OK. It is. It fills us with. Chile pillows. You know would make your very happy for Carroll to commence our moment the automatic. Acceptance on both sides. It's. When did you first color. Everett to come back to Orlando and be in our home. And this is probably as. I didn't care. But this has brought this war always be prize. I was amazed as strong it. Sort. Try not to focus on what it was except that it was a heart beating in and to think about it is that's my daughter's heart. Meeting and somebody else and she's able to live because of it was incredible. We took care up so that kappa delta house. There. That in Seattle where Burk was a student Katie. Let's sisters were there you. Coming here. They really are sisters they really do want me. But felt very close to him. Two years. She was there. Think he was. Her big sister little was there. They got to listen to Brooke's heart. They were a very emotional. I was happy we got to do that because. They're very important to us and we're still important to.

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{"duration":"7:55","description":"The family of Brooke Dawkins want to raise awareness about organ donation.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"37312764","title":"Family Welcomes Grandmother Who Received Their Daughter's Heart","url":"/GMA/video/family-welcomes-grandmother-received-daughters-heart-37312764"}