Ryan O'Neal Testifies About Farrah Fawcett Portrait

O'Neal says he asked Fawcett to store the Andy Warhol painting after their 1997 split.
3:00 | 12/03/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Ryan O'Neal Testifies About Farrah Fawcett Portrait
Now, to the courtroom showdown over the multimillion-dollar portrait over the late farrah fawcett. At issue, who owns the painting? Ryan o'neal, taking the stand and saying it's his. Nick watt has more. Reporter: The time was 1980. And the place, andy warhol's factory. He created two near-identical portraits of farrah fawcett. And 30 years later, ryan o'neal is choking back tears in court, remembering his late love, and fighting to keep one of them. Now worth millions. And he says, laden with sentimental value. The painting is mine, o'neal told the court. The university of texas at austin also wants it. Claiming it's part of the collection fawcett left to her alma mater. It's expensive art. Reporter: And it was hanging in fawcett's condo before she died. It lies in the chapter of his long relationship with the charlie's angel. It was '97. And they split when she caught him in bed with a 25-year-old. The portrait, hanging over the bed. O'neal claims he asked fawcett to store the picture at her place. My young friend was uncomfortable with farrah staring at her. The silver screen star of the '70s WAS HARD OF HEARING AND Forgetful. Telling the lawyer, you're throwing a lot of dates at me that confuse me. And the jury has to decide if he has a faulty memory. Reporter: O'neal claims he and fawcett reconciled in 2001. I got diagnosed with cancer. I called her. And it broke the ice. And now, he wants to give this portrait to their son. For "good morning america," nick watt, abc news, los angeles. We're going to bring in dan abrams right now. Let's talk about o'neal's actions. Taking the painting after her death. There's a simple legal question here. Did this belong to ryan o'neal? Andy warhol is dead. Farrah fawcett is dead. So, ryan o'neal's credibility becomes crucial. So, everything he did gets scrutinized. He went in after her death and took the painting. He admits that. What the university is saying is he was squirrelling it away. He was hiding it. No one knew he had it. He said, I wasn't trying to hide it at all. The university said, we only discovered it was at his home after seeing it was on a reality show. He said, there were no secrets there. And the fact there are two paintings. How important is that? The team for ryan o'neal is saying, well, look. They've got one. In essence. What do they need another one here for? But when the jury thinking about this, they're going to be thinking, when andy warhol created this, is it possible he was creating one for each of them? Why did he create two? O'neal is saying, back when this was created in 1980, it was created for him. And he's the one who had the conversation with andy warhol about creating these. The university is saying, no. Andy warhol went directly to farrah fawcett. What's going to happen here? I think o'neal has a b of an uphill battle because the university has the other painting because farrah bequeathed all of her artwork to the university. But o'neal's position was, it was never hers to give away. He has the burden to some degree, whether it's his burden or not. I think he has the burden to demonstrate to this jury it belongs to him. Thank you very much. Appreciate that.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"O'Neal says he asked Fawcett to store the Andy Warhol painting after their 1997 split.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"21079961","title":"Ryan O'Neal Testifies About Farrah Fawcett Portrait","url":"/GMA/video/farrah-fawcett-portrait-trial-ryan-oneal-testifies-andy-21079961"}