Fast Food Off-Menu Items Uncovered

Sara Haines orders some of the top items off the "secret menus."
3:00 | 04/06/14

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Transcript for Fast Food Off-Menu Items Uncovered
Thanks, Mara. Everybody loves a secret, especially if you're in on it. We're revealing the items from your favorite fast food chain you may not know about. If you know what to ask for, you can get quote, unquote, off-menu items. It was tough to get Sara to take this assignment. It's investigation pip jufrpd on it. They call it fast food. This isn't the time to ask if they have other than cheddar and make the bacon extra crispy. But what if you could customize your favorite menu items. We've all heard of the big Mac, but what about the Mc1035 or the monster Mac? Probably not. But chances are these delectable dishes were right under your nose. From kfc to burger king, fans whispered about secret menu yms. They have been around a long time. First at in and out, and now at other restaurants. In and out posted their not so secret menu options online. Order animal-style and they'll know, fries, melted cheese and the onion sauce. And a protein style burger minus the bun. Others are hush, hush. Several tell ABC news they don't specifically have a special menu, but appreciate creativity. That's what fast foodies have done. Going to social media, you have to read between the lines and hack the menu. My taste buds were tempted. First, chipotle for the quesarito. And now to wash it down -- can I really get a monster Mac? Don't fret if your local chain isn't in the food loop. Websites like hack the give you the eat cheat on how anyone can make these crazy con do -- things. They'll put it together with eight patties instead of just two for you. Voila, the monster Mac. So in addition -- You did not bite into that. I just want to be clear. She definitely didn't bite into that. No way I was getting my mouth around that. Eight patties. Eight patties. This is also a reflection of people's changing diets. A lot of them are healthy. Not the queserot. It's the cheesy with all the goodness inside. The people there knew about it, but not everyone does. Right after this going there. Thank you for news you can use. Or specifically, news I can use. Time for the weather. Next time eat the burger. Not going to happen.

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{"id":23212369,"title":"Fast Food Off-Menu Items Uncovered","duration":"3:00","description":"Sara Haines orders some of the top items off the \"secret menus.\"","url":"/GMA/video/fast-food-off-menu-items-uncovered-23212369","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}