Fat Cat Uses Underwater Treadmill to Lose Weight

Buddha the cat's owners are trying to get him down to a healthy weight.
1:33 | 08/19/13

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Transcript for Fat Cat Uses Underwater Treadmill to Lose Weight
Us try to eat right and exercise that's what I'm doing right now and that's also the -- -- John -- petted today the mood now this -- May be a little heavy for some of you twice the weight of your average cat at a whisker raising 29 palms now. My -- working on it by the way to lose the extra weight district look at his new exercise routine he's doing that phenomena under water right. And then reviewed and are not sure it was. -- -- -- On the air right now I don't know me -- don't know many houses and I like Chinese water please. And as for me because this fat cats who. Itself out of the water. Don't tax food water and I don't know -- -- going. You continue to tell you today's theory -- don't -- me -- -- want you don't don't put me in the water fun I promise I won't eat it does not cow big. So much better work out but speaking of the work -- and we threw just kind of cats like water I'm so -- and. It was it was found an animal shelter in national adopted by penny out of saint resigning crap we're now have a -- lose the extra pounds. Even though there may be a little water torture involved. At nearly 32 pounds -- -- Eagles lose one pound a month because we should all lose it slowly -- -- -- exercise and -- your cat -- slow -- -- He's young men and not the -- -- -- -- -- -- On all right help.

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{"duration":"1:33","description":"Buddha the cat's owners are trying to get him down to a healthy weight.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"20000430","title":"Fat Cat Uses Underwater Treadmill to Lose Weight","url":"/GMA/video/fat-cat-underwater-treadmill-lose-weight-20000430"}