Father Captures Son's Curbside Birth on GoPro Camera

Troy Dickerson intended to document the drive to the hospital but he got much more than that.
2:35 | 07/10/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Father Captures Son's Curbside Birth on GoPro Camera
Now to that childbirth caught on camera like you've never seen before. A Texas father videotaping the dramatic moment his wife went into labor on his gopro camera for the wild ride to the hospital for delivery and linsey Davis is this under the category of too soon for you? I was having flash backs and almost reduced to tears. The mom is pregnant with their third child and she actually works as a childbirth edge indicator. The dad loves to use it while biking and surfing. He thought it was only natural to strap it to his head for the birth of his child. Childbirth is often videotaped but not quite like this. The gopro camera was intended to document the ride to the hospital with his pregnant wife Kristin but it caught so much more. I knew I wanted to get this birth on camera. I had no idea it would happen. Reporter: Almost two weeks past her due date Kristin knew she didn't have much time before he baby arrived. I now there was no way I could make it. Reporter: Watch as troy high-tails it to the hospital. His head is right -- Reporter: They arrive at the hospital but it's too late. Right there outside the hospital -- Get a doctor out here. Reporter: A curbside delivery. I got him. I got him. As soon as a little bit of shock wore off in the beginning, I just felt really relieved to finally be in my arms and healthy and see his face. I love. Oh, baby. I love you. We got it on video. Did that really just happen? Did that really just happen? This was actually their third baby. Kristin was scheduled to be induced the next day, typically childbirth is 13 hours. It lasted one hour and only pushed twice and the baby popped out. Oh, my goodness. Like not edited because it's so short. There's the censor at the end but this is bringing back memories. I went to the hospital actually induced only to be told they didn't have delivery room as valuable. So like don't push, just wait. Okay. We'll do that. But your husband was not filming it. No, no. That's the key detail. How about the husband? He sits there and says, I hey, I got it on camera.

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{"id":24501282,"title":"Father Captures Son's Curbside Birth on GoPro Camera","duration":"2:35","description":"Troy Dickerson intended to document the drive to the hospital but he got much more than that.","url":"/GMA/video/father-captures-sons-curbside-birth-gopro-camera-24501282","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}