Father Robs Banks With His Two Children

Mark Greenblatt has the latest information about a family crime spree.
3:00 | 11/18/12

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Transcript for Father Robs Banks With His Two Children
We'll start with the all in the family crime spree, a father and his two kids accused of robbing as many as seven banks in two states much the fat and his son and the 18-year-old daughter in the getaway car and mark greenblatt is on the story. Good morning. People we talked to who knew this family say that the father was a good dad and the kids even giggly, successful athletes but if what police say is true this father ended up raising his children to be bank robbers until their luck ran out in texas. Take a close look at the bank robbers in orange vests. Police say it's a father, son and daughter team, an entire family of criminals suspected of robbing as many as seven banks in two states under arrest for one in texas, ronald scott cat and son hayden went inside with guns. Police say that's hayden wearing a fake mustache while 18-year-old daughter abby is charged with driving the getaway car. Incredibly both were honor students with hayden an outright star on his high school swim team. And abby joining him on the McMINNVILLE SWIM CLUB. Eric said he knew the dad. He lost his wife and he had the responsibility to take care of those kids and I got to tell you scott was there for them. Reporter: Authorities say the standout group may have begun its crime spree in oregon where they're now suspects in five more robberies. It's a complete shock. WHEN THEY WERE IN MENcMINNVILLE They were solid community members. Reporter: And they don'tly recently moved to texas where crime stoppers raised its reward to $25,000 for a tip leading to an arrest of the bank robbers. These suspects were identi identified and then law enforcement in ft. Ben county were able to corroborate that information. Reporter: Police say the break came in finding surveillance tape showing the family buying those distinctive disguises at a home depot. Curiously days before the arrest abby posted on facebook finally got the job interview I wanted. Man, I'm working my way up to big money. So proud of myself ever since i moved to texas. We all have so much potential, some just need to decide what they're going to do with all of it. Presumably that job will have to wait. And now this whole family might spend their thanksgiving together in it jail with bond set for the father and son at $140,000, the daughter abby, $100,000 and dan and bianna, this could get worse for them because texas authorities have told those in oregon to be on the lookout for their possible involvement in robberies. Such a sad story at the end of the day. Mark, thank you.

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{"id":17752558,"title":"Father Robs Banks With His Two Children","duration":"3:00","description":"Mark Greenblatt has the latest information about a family crime spree.","url":"/GMA/video/father-robs-banks-children-17752558","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}