Chef Fabio's Father's Day Feast: Tuna With Stuffed Tomatoes

Author of "Fabio's Italian Kitchen" also prepares his baked stuffed tomatoes and grape tarts.
4:00 | 06/13/13

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Transcript for Chef Fabio's Father's Day Feast: Tuna With Stuffed Tomatoes
Friend of the program in the kitchen, fabio viviani, author "fabio's italian kitchen "and brings some dishes not just perfect for the summer, also as we hit the weekend, inspired by dad and granddad as father's day fast approaches. Great to see you. Josh, good to be here. What I do love about italian cooking and yours, it's what it is in season. Tomatoes the star of the show. Father's day at the door and growing up and struggling in a family with no money, we didn't realize how lucky we were because growing up in italy, we would embrace the mediterranean diet and simplicity of the ingredients due to the fact we didn't have the money to buy nothing fancy, nothing special. Tomatoes, olive oil, tune tha -- tuna. Story with the tuna dish with the stuffed tomato. When the fishermen would give out the center cut, the beautiful part, the head and tail was cat food. Nobody was hitting that. My grandfather would bite tail part for a bargain, make steaks out of it and my dad was just mixing it with tomatoes and put them in the oven. We have a picture, little fabio. Aw. This what is inspired this. Dare I say rakishly handsome even then. Good looking man to be. So, right now we have again some garlic. Garlic, some to may to olive oil and thyme. And tuna steak right in the tomato. The good news is that mediterranean embrace anything that is simple. And easy to make. How long do you want that -- obviously cooked how you like it prepared. How long do you want to let that hang out? I believe if you overcook fish you may end up in purgatory. You cannot overcook. That's why also -- tomatoes, capers. And this reminds you of your grandfather? We used to have a field and we were horrible children. I was a really bad kid. You looked adorable in that picture. Adorable evil. We were going to the field, picking tomato up, supposed to pick only the ripe ones. Since I wanted to fill the basket sooner than anybody else, I was picking anything else. From the green -- so, stuffing green tomatoes, a good way to not waste what is not perfectly ripe. What do you stuff in there. Ricotta cheese, parmesan cheese anne bad you bake them. Simple dish, maediterranean diet. As tremendous itt alian as this, it's hard to save room for dessert -- however -- however -- I have for josh. A fork. Here is a fork. Either that or do a tart-eating contest. We can just get into it. This what is this is all about. What's in re? Those are grapes. We used to make this cake with leftover grape after the stomping to make wine. So, we used to stomp grapes and we had leftover, we mix them with a little egg, brown sugar and bake. This is the result. These haven't been stomped? I was going to say, these were close to your toes? Not that one, but the one in -- yes. Always, always great. All of the recipes on goodmorningamerica.Com. Also, the great book "fabio's italian kitchen" get it right now on bookshelve Real differences in the race forSenate.

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{"duration":"4:00","description":"Author of \"Fabio's Italian Kitchen\" also prepares his baked stuffed tomatoes and grape tarts.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"19391078","title":"Chef Fabio's Father's Day Feast: Tuna With Stuffed Tomatoes","url":"/GMA/video/fathers-day-recipes-fabio-viviani-tuna-tomatoes-capers-19391078"}