How to Get Your Favorite Red Carpet Look

Brad Goreski reveals how you can incorporate Hollywood's biggest trends into everyday looks.
4:15 | 03/05/13

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Transcript for How to Get Your Favorite Red Carpet Look
Celebrity stylist brad goreski is the man behind several of this year's red carpet looks. Look at stacy keibler. Look at her. She has brad to thanks for that look. When he's not dressing a-listers, he's starring in his own reality show, it's called "it's a brad brad world." So glad to have brad with us. Hi, nice to see you. I want to get straight into a clip. You are in the scene staging major event for kate spade. Things are tense. Always. There can't be any mistakes when you have a presentation. No fly-away strings. No floppy this, that, or the other thing. Is it gapping? Doing something weird? Everything has to be perfect. Look great. Let's get the girls into their spot. Wait, is there hair spray around here? No strings. No nothing. Everything has to be perfect. The devil is in the details in your business, isn't it? 100%. Especially for a new york fashion week parentheresentation. What is more stressful, doing a new york runway, I mean, fashion week, or working with a top celeb who could be a little bit choosy. Not naming names. For a red carpet event. They're different stresses. For the red carpet, you have onemoment. And for a fashion presentation, you have 30 looks. They have to tell a story. So you get to see that this season on my show. You see my life as a stylist, but a do a lot of other things, working for kate spade new york. You get to s me working with big brands and how I use my styling skills to do that, too. Do the celebrities let it all hang out? Will we get a gli behind the curtain? Absolutely. Minka kelly, shida jones, stacykeible you see what is going on. One thing I noticed, being on the red carpet, a lot of pastel this is year. Why so big? Think it's a return to femininity. We saw a lot of bold color. Now the return to light pastels. Jennifer lawrence looked beautiful. Anne hathaway the ma, amanda seyfried. I like pastels in denim. Can I speak for a lot of women. I tried the light pink denim. It can be tricky. You know who makes a good one is j. Brand? They make a really, really good skinny jean. I want to talk about another trend. I tried to pull this one off, metallics. I am not lying to you because you're here. I said it then, I'll say it now, her look was the best on the red carpet. Thank you, th. That dress was the bomb. Stacey is a dream to work with. One of my favorite ways to use me tatallics is in accessories. A shoe, a great bag. I love a little bit of sparkle. I love studs on shoe, on bags. Wait a second. I love studs. Wait a second. This is morning tv. That's a sampling of what you'll get on "it's a brad, brad world." You look good if pink, by the way. It's a color that suits you. Hey, everybody. Check out "it's a brad brad It airs on wheednesdays on bravo. How know one of the ten things you didn't know about brad. Go to our website. Oh, my gosh. ]Here's

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{"id":18656524,"title":"How to Get Your Favorite Red Carpet Look","duration":"4:15","description":"Brad Goreski reveals how you can incorporate Hollywood's biggest trends into everyday looks.","url":"/GMA/video/favorite-red-carpet-18656524","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}