FBI Investigates the Release of Provocative Celebrity Photos

Authorities look into the hacking case that lead to the photos being posted online.
4:18 | 09/02/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for FBI Investigates the Release of Provocative Celebrity Photos
We begin with the latest on that massive Hollywood hacking crime. Provocative protos of such big stars as Julia louis-dreyfus and Kate Upton and posted online. The FBI is investigating and ABC's Rebecca Jarvis has that story for us. Reporter: From Jennifer Lawrence to Kate uptown this morning the FBI says it's actively investigating what could be the largest hack of racy celebrity photos in history. More than 100 star leis allegedly targeted by a user called himself blunt mastermind who posted them to the website 4chan. This is a frag plant violation of privacy. The authorities have been contacted and will prosecute anyone who posts the stolen photos of Jennifer Lawrence." A representative for Upton confirming the authenticity of the pictures and prompting legal action. Others including Arianna grand da, Victoria justice calling their pictures fakes. Either way the alleged hack is raising major security concerns and not just for celebrities. It appears at least some of the material came from some sort of cloud, that is servers which store all of our data from our e-mails to our pictures. If you use services like dropbox, Google, apple or Facebook, your data is in the cloud. Even if you have deleted photos from your phone oftentimes they've already been uploaded to the cloud. If you don't have a picture you don't want anybody to see ever you shouldn't take it to begin with. It's not clear how the celebrity photos were leaked but apple says it is investigating whether any of its systems were compromised. We take user privacy very seriously and are actively investigating this report. So how can you protect your own photos and information on the internet? Use unique and separate passwords for all your accounts. And able two-step verification on all apps. First user name and password and random randomly generated private code via text message and accept software updates that arm your smartphone with protection. Sources telling me they believe this hack was not into apple's cloud which has some of the strongest safety protections but no another cloud storage provided offering offering this warping to anyone trying to search for those online, hackers are already exploiting the issue and they are posting fake links that claim to take you right to the pics but instead they are taking you straight to a virus you download on to your computer or phone. Not wasting any time with that. We bring in ABC's chief legal affairs anchor Dan Abrams. Oftentime when this happens there is no prosecution. Will it be different this time? If no question that the law is behind the technology on this. But there are a whole host of potential crimes here. You've got -- talking about the ability of identity theft, wiretapping, unauthorized access to a computer. Remember 2012 there was a case where someone had improperly and illegally accessed the e-mails of Scarlett Johansson and Christina Aguilera serving ten years so this is serious stuff when it comes to the law. How about those celebrities who have said these are fake. They're not real. That takes them out of the criminal and civil realm. There will be some who say I want to sue, et cetera, anyone saying it's not me is immediately going to be saying in effect I'm not going to be part of this case because as far as I'm concerned these aren't pictures of me. You said the hackers are in deep trouble here. How about the websites that post these photos. Look, there's -- there are protections in the law that protect websites from information that individuals post on them. But the individuals who are now -- there are some individuals who are going out and reposting some of these photos, they're getting in trouble from places like Twitter and et cetera and could certainly theoretically be sued at a later time but I don't think that's likely but the focus on the person who committed this offense. Dan, thank you. Thank you, guys. An unusual story about a

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{"id":25211245,"title":"FBI Investigates the Release of Provocative Celebrity Photos","duration":"4:18","description":"Authorities look into the hacking case that lead to the photos being posted online.","url":"/GMA/video/fbi-investigates-release-provocative-celebrity-photos-25211245","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}