George Bush's Niece Starts Fashion Line to Feed Hungry

Sales from Lauren Bush Lauren's partnership with Target will help feed American families.
2:31 | 07/04/13

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Transcript for George Bush's Niece Starts Fashion Line to Feed Hungry
Now, lauren bush lauren, daughter of george bush and daughter-in-law of ralph lauren, has a new line that is fashionable and will feed american families, too. It's called feed usa, a limited edition line created by lauren bush lauren, philanthropist, and model. Featuring clothing for men, women and children and housewear. The den anymore shirts are cool and classic. Love the backpacks, bags. There's plates. A lot having to do with serving food and preparing food, which makes a lot of sense on our mission. Reporter: That mission is about giving back. Every product for sale has a number on it, that signifies the number of meals that will donated to americans in need. I love in all-american outfit. And it has a big number attached to it. From the iphone case, to the bag, to the necklace, to the den anymore vest, to the baseball t.102 meals. Reporter: Lauren's goal, to provide 10 million meals for americans in need. Lauren took a road trip to look at the country's hunger battle. 15 million americans are food insecure. They rely on food stamps, food kitchens, food banks to get by. And she's no stranger to the world in fashion. In 2011, she married david lauren, son of ralph lauren. You're married into one of the largest fashion families in the world. How much did that influence your feed collection? Being around a wonderful designer, my father-in-law, has been an influence. What I'm doing with feed is about allowing people to wear their heart on their sleeve or on their bag and say, this is a value I believe in. What an amazing young woman to create this company. You can check out some of the designs in the feed usa collection at goodmorningamerica.Com anon yahoo! This backpack, my daughter will take this to school. We're going to go online and get this. 28 meals this provides, just to buy this backpack. And it's great because people are wearing them. And it spreads the message. It's knot just clothing. It's accessories like this. And an americana style. As you feed your family, you're doing for others, as well.

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{"id":19577724,"title":"George Bush's Niece Starts Fashion Line to Feed Hungry","duration":"2:31","description":"Sales from Lauren Bush Lauren's partnership with Target will help feed American families.","url":"/GMA/video/feed-usa-target-george-bushs-niece-starts-fashion-19577724","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}